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  1. It really depends on which office and even then, some people have already gotten their citizenship and someone people are still waiting for biometrics, there's not really any rhyme or reason. I applied September 18, 2020 and got biometrics reuse in November, otherwise no movement. Hartford, CT.
  2. Any other Hartford, CT filers here? Filed September 17 and other than biometrics reuse notice haven't heard anything since. It's amazing to see so many others seeing movement and even getting interviews and approvals!
  3. Our old address was about 27 characters and we didn't have any issues receiving mail from USCIS - 33 doesn't seem all that long to me, there are lots of long street names and house numbers with 4-5 digits.
  4. Same boat as everyone else, our estimated completion date was pushed back a month - from June 2021 to July. Applied 9/17 and got our biometric reuse notice in November.
  5. Thanks for making this! It looks like it's still locked to editing, if you want to add more info for me: Filed under 3 year rule, NOA1 on 9/18, case completion estimate has said June 2021 from the beginning, our I-751 has been approved as of August 2020. Field office is Hartford, CT.
  6. On 11/12/2020 we got a biometrics reuse notice on my husband's USCIS account. He last got his biometrics taken on 10/24/2019 for I-751. We filed his N-400 on 09/17/2020 and the estimated case completion date on USCIS still says June 2021. We're just relieved we won't have to go to an ASC as COVID cases continue to rise!
  7. 2 months seems like a long time even in COVID times. Did you get a receipt/case number texted or emailed to you, and just no paper NOA? If no receipt number, is there any indication that it arrived at the lockbox facility (informed delivery with the mail service?) USCIS says that if you believe your package has been lost at the lockbox facility, you can email them. More info here: https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/organization/directorates-and-program-offices/management-directorate/office-of-intake-and-document-production/lockbox-filing-information
  8. Hey everyone! I have a quick question about biometrics being reused. So my husband got his biometrics for ROC on 10/24/2019. I've heard that sometimes biometrics from within the last year are reused - because it's officially been more than a year now that we're in November, does this mean there's no chance of them reusing the old biometrics? Or is the year more of a rough guideline? I'm also wondering whether they make exceptions due to COVID and the resultant delays.
  9. It's because you opted for paper filing, the NOA for online filing is much faster. NOAs can take anywhere from a week to a month, especially now that they're still working through the after effects of the shutdown and backlog. No need to panic yet.
  10. The website estimates that our case will be approved June 2021 (8 months) - no idea if this is accurate or not but that would be great! No word on biometrics yet.
  11. When we lived in an apartment we always put the apartment number on the second line and never had issues receiving mail from USCIS. If I remember correctly that's what the instructions said to do.
  12. Got my husband's NOA in the mail today! It was dated 9/18, the day after we submitted the online application.
  13. Our case number is IOE and we did file online, but our case number also did not match the pattern quoted above - it begins with 97756xxxxx - 9 could be September or the last digit of 19 for FY19 but not sure how 77 would correspond to either a month or a working day within the month. Weird, maybe they've changed their procedure?
  14. Quick question for my fellow online filers: immediately after submitting the application we were emailed a payment receipt with a case number. This isn't the NOA, correct? And will the NOA be emailed or sent in the mail? I'm also wondering about biometrics. My husband had his biometrics taken in October of last year for ROC. I know a lot of ROC cases got their biometrics waived in light of COVID but I'm not sure if it will be the same for N-400.
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