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  1. Update: we received his green card in the mailbox 5 days after his interview! sf location.
  2. Okay thanks! I just got carried away with this update on the USCIS website: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-begin-using-more-secure-mail-delivery-service
  3. Has anyone received their GC in the mail without a signature required? I had ours sent to my sisters permanent address since we are kind of inbetween addresses and my current address has the same number as our neighbors (townhouse) sometimes it doesnt get delivered here right so I chose my sisters place but they might not be home due to work. How did y’all receive your cards? Thanks!
  4. Finally August filers! My husband and I had his interview yesterday at SF location. Our time was 1:20pm but we got in around 12:44pm and got called 5mins later. Took us about 15mins and got approved on the spot.case update status new card being produced this morning 6:20am. Tips: be extra with papers. She was excited that I brought more than what was needed and she liked that we had options of what documents to provide. Anything that shows new address, proof of bonafide marriage like house lease, life insurance. She was even surprised I gave her a Report of Marriage from the Philippines. Becareful not to talk too much. I got overly excited and I think she may have misunderstood some things but its okay. odd thing: He didn’t get a temporary stamp and we were told 2 years conditional starts when we receive the greencard, not from the time we were married. Thoughts?
  5. We finished our interview! Got there around 12:45pm and called us in around 15mins. Our time is 1:20pm. I brought way too many documents than I thought I needed. But it went well and she told us we should expect it in the mail in a few weeks.
  6. These are the new ones for the evidence of bona fide marriage like gym memberships, car lease, phone bills under my new name. Things like that. I am bringing the exact copy of the 485 as well as the k1 application just incase and also the ead/ap application because I'm that paranoid. lol SF office.
  7. Would it be okay to highlight names on supporting documents to bring in for the interview? I just want to make it easier for the IO to review them rather than spending so much time reading these docs.
  8. Ohh okay perfect! I was imagining it to be like those us embassy interviews where its a “window” type of divider where hard binders can’t slip through. Thank you!!
  9. Thanks for sharing!! I have another question, do you know if there are windows or is it wide open? The reason I am asking is because I am thinking of preparing a big binder for the copy of the initial Adjustment of Status application that involves the affidavit of support, ead application etc. Just want to make sure if this fits in the hole they may have at their interview stations. Thanks!
  10. Congrats!! What was the interview experience like in the SF office? We just received our interview date so we are getting ready.
  11. Been together for almost 14 years and married for almost 2 years. I will be bringing a lot of photos, health dental insurance, life insurance, bank statements, approved fiance visa application, updated affidavit of support docs just in case. He doesn't really have bills because he has no credit to start of with and he was having a hard time when applying for credit cards due to "lack of permanent residency" or what not. Which frustrates us a lot. Marriage photos and cards. His work documents because I'm just extra haha. All originals and photocopies, Marriage certificate and such.
  12. Seems like a few folks interview has been scheduled for 2/25. If you know a few resources of what else to bring for the interview along with Q+A's please let me know.
  13. I would say yes, if your co-sponsor has received and filed already. Like for me, since our interview is on 2/25. I'm the petitioner, I will bring my most recent w2 forms and previous tax return files but I have yet to file my tax returns for 2018 since I am still waiting on other documents to arrive. Let me know if that makes sense.
  14. I received our interview notice as well for 2/25. I would say since you have a co-sponsor, it is best to have them retrieve updated bank statements, proof of income all that jazz to inform the IO that they are very well equipped for you (If they ask for it). I always think its best to bring more documents rather than not enough.