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  1. Thank you @Trizzle and @Damara that was very helpful. I understand there is no need for a c14 if one has a c31 (or c9) and a deferred action NOA. Just to be safe, I have a copy of the NOA in my wallet and a picture of it in my phone.
  2. @Trizzle I saw on your timeline that you received a c14 after the c31. Did you apply for the c14 separately? Could you please explain why? (the benefit of having one) I tried Googling, but found very little information. I understand it is tied to our deferred action, but don’t understand if there is an extra benefit to apply for it. I have a c31 EAD card, and the deferred action NOA (it’s a piece of paper).
  3. I did, and my 360 was approved. I put all new evidence together by myself including divorce papers. I also wrote a concise cover letter, added the blue paper that came with my prima facie , and brought to my lawyer’s office. My lawyer “approved” everything and sent the package to Vermont. My lawyer never requested this extra evidence, and we will never know if my case would have been approved without. It took 16.5 months for approval.
  4. @HolaBola31 I’m sorry what you went through... but please know there are many similar stories here. It seems like you have all the evidence needed. It takes time, but your case will be approved. May God be with you! 🙏🏼
  5. @MGJ_NY I filed for EAD renewal c9 end of Aug 2018. My lawyer also made the mistake to send it to Chicago... got the NOA right away and then the notice they used my fingerprints on file. —Radio silence after that. In the meantime, my 360 got approved (yay, celebrating until today and forever!), so I received the c31. But still waiting for the c9. It’s indeed taking a awhile.
  6. @Dejoy Call them and do research for prices. Right by my place is about $700, but I went to one 20 minutes away who charged less than $200. Do do you have an interview letter already?
  7. For EAD Timeline, go in this link: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/eadstats.php I’ve had three EAD (c09), going to my fourth. It has been spot on for me. My forth EAD has NOA date exactly Aug 24. They used my fingerprints from the system, I still haven’t received it. I have received my c31 in the meantime, have my extension letter, and my work doesn’t ask me to see my renewal card, so I am not anxious to receive it. But this is the timeline I think will help people to estimate time. In 2016, before starting my current job, I did an expedite through my (awesome) Congressman. They tried twice and USCIS said they weren’t expediting anything anymore. I got an approval in the next day after the second denial, go figure...
  8. After I left the house of my abuser, got a divorce, restraining order, and later my 360 approved, nothing bothers me anymore. 😊 And for people waiting for the 360 approval, do your best, send additional evidence if needed, and patiently wait. Your approval will come! A lot of us were in your situation, we understand each other here. Happy Sunday! 💝
  9. @CASTIEL I didn’t receive the transfer letter on my 485. I got an alert that it was transfered to my local office on the same day my c31 card went on production. Then I received the ead c31. A week later the approval letter and the deferred action. A month later the medical courtesy letter, and my 360 online status changed to “received correspondence”. But I didn’t send anything. I think it’s all normal, I’m not worried. They do things a little different for each case. The updated NOAs are the most important in my opinion.
  10. Yes, Hanna, USC. I have no idea if the colors make any difference.
  11. Mine is yellow too. I got it right after Christmas, but my case was approved after yours, by mid November. Please keep us posted when you get your interview letter, hopefully it will be in 2019!
  12. @digonyc @Hanna Bui I also received the medical courtesy letter. I did the medical for my previously denied 485 ( with abuser), which has since expired. I called the same doctor, and he will give me a good rate when I have to redo it. The exams we are required to do now take longer, about a week. So we have to plan for that. The cortesy letter was specific about waiting for an interview letter and bringing the 693 to the interview (do not mail the form).
  13. You will be just fine! If you have a State ID, no one will even know you are a foreigner (but you always say the truth if asked!). However, I would not go to some parts of Texas and would be very careful in the south of San Diego, Ca. There are USCIS check-in points we should avoid. No one can ask you about our status besides immigration and our employer. All sanctuary states/cities are safer for us. Where are you going?
  14. I’m not sure if it has been like this for awhile and I only noticed now, but the local offices have updated processing times for I485 and separate the timelines in employment and family based. We are self petitioners. Does anyone know which timeframe we go by? If any!
  15. Sorry to learn about your mom. Hope you get your expedite and can visit your mom in peace. 💝