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  1. @Cob my Vawa was approved in November (16.5 month wait). Interview end of May (6.5 month wait). Hold tight, your interview letter should come this year. There are other folks here waiting too. A few have been waiting even longer than you have. It depends on your local office and some random way that we haven’t figure it out... 🙏🏼
  2. Thank you, guys!!! @Stillwinning!!!😊 @sparrowxxx419 @Roms2017 💝🙏🏼 I didn’t know about updating my ss card! I’ll take care if it too. Thanks for the info!! Continuous learning 😊
  3. Hi guys, update on the latest part of my GC journey: -interview 5/31 (40 min interview, officer was training another officer, lots of questions but all polite, 120 days letter. I wasn’t sure it had gone well despite my attorney congratulating me) -6/2 (Sunday from all days) got all sort of alerts that my case was approved back on 5/31- “card in production” -6/4 “I-485 approved” update -6/5 card has been mailed -6/6 card has picked up by USPS -6/7 card has been delivered (it had a tracking number) The approval, Welcome to US letter arrived on 6/6 and the card on 6/7. Mail goes to my attorney, more reliable and faster for me. I picked it up at my attorney’s yesterday. I’m sooo happy! I wanted to sleep with my card by me on my bed. 😊 I gave up the idea, afraid I was going to break it! I applied for Vawa while still living with my abuser. My abuser withdrew the I-130, former I-485 denied. I re applied together with new I-765. Got a new job at the exact date my new EAD was approved. All nerve wracking, as you all know. At 13 months of waiting for my Vawa approval, I sent new evidence: divorce decree, shelter letter, another therapist letter (not evaluation) and new police report. Vawa approved at 16.5 months. It was a difficult and very painful journey, but ready to leave it all behind and enjoy my life. Good luck to all who are waiting, your time will come. God is faithful. ✨
  4. This is probably good news, your interview must be coming super soon! Did you finalize your medicals?
  5. Thank you @Stillwinning!!!😊 you make us laugh and keep us in high spirits!!!! 🙂
  6. FOLKS, I have the best news everrrrrr!!! About two hours ago I started to receive many text messages, app notifications, emails for my I-485, NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED!!!! Woohoo I still cannot believe it! God is so good and faithful! I will be able to see my parents, stop worrying about work permit renewals, and having to talk about my life with the evil abuser. I'm so ready to leave this nightmare behind me. Thanks for all the support from this wonderful forum! For folks who are still waiting, your time will come! I still remember when I found this forum two years ago, feeling so scared and helpful... I read many threads while applying for VAWA. And now, I gladly write that I am one more successful story for visa journey folks and statistics.
  7. It would void the process. Don't let this happen! Check the laws on your state. In some states it is soooo difficult and expensive to do it, that unless your ex has a ton of money, he/she won't even be able to start the process. If I were you, to be on the safe side, I would start the divorce process asap.
  8. You are very welcome! Don't worry, you are totally fine! VAWA applicants may receive help from the government, that is why we have prima facies. Emergency medical is not even considered welfare. Go over the I-485 yes and no questions, they list the emergency one as an exception for all I-485 applicants.
  9. Thank you for the sweet words. I know you understand. Can't wait to get my GC and share with you all 🙂 Your interview letter is coming soon too, and I know you are well prepared!
  10. I think by welfare she meant is I received money or food stamps from the government. If you did, it’s not a deal breaker for VAWA applicants, but be prepared. I have a feeling that some officers are not very knowledgeable about nuances of VAWA. She asked if I have ever overstayed any other time I was in US soil before this time around. Again, i don’t think it would be a deal breaker, but I didn’t overstay, so I just replied -no. Whatever is your situation, just be prepared to answer honestly and direct to the point.
  11. Thank you @Roms2017 @FridayGirl@69 Important to know it’s common to be under review nowadays. I wasn’t so sure about this fact. Did you see my post with detail about my interview? Everyone: feel free to ask any more info about my interview. Glad to help.
  12. I really want to express my gratitude to this group. This journey without you all would you have been much harder. And it hasn’t been easy. It made me sad to have to justify why I married and awful human being. This shall pass!
  13. Last night, I slept at my friend’s house, which is close my local office. - smart and important move for me. Met my attorney at their office one hour before my interview time. We walked to immigration together. It really made a difference to me. Got called on time by the officer lady. She told my attorney and I that another officer lady would be in the room with us for training purposes.She gave a run down of what the interview would be. First thing was to see originas of all my documents and I-693. Then asked for updates (current info) on I-485, and went through all submitted info on my I-485, yes or no qs. Every time she asked for a document to make a copy, I offered my copies to her. She was pleased. She asked about my last entrances in the US, port of entry, if I over stayed, entered without inspection, received welfare, all these kind of questions. She was thorough, but respectful. Then she asked about my ex... how we met, got married, why I left my abuser, dates. She got into a few specific questions about the abuse and said that I didn’t have to answer them. I said it was okay and answered the questions as direct and polite as possible. She asked briefly about my work history. Didn’t ask for taxes or paychecks. Then she started closing the binders and said she didn’t need anything else, and that my case would go under review. Handled me the white paper and said to my attorney that all seems fine for now, and they will communicate with my attorneys firm via mail if they need extra information or if the case gets approved. She said if we don’t hear from them in 120 to contact USCIS. That was it... my attorney said it went well. Sincerely, I do not know. I got so sad to talk about my abuser that my judgement got cloudy. I hope I get approved in a week or so like so many folks. I’ll keep you all posted. - thank you!
  14. My dear blog friends, I went to my interview this morning. I cannot thank enough you guys’ support and other folks who have gone through their interview and posted their experience here. It was very important and comforting to know what to expect. My attorney said I did very well, and the officer was kind and knowledgeable. 40 min of interview, lots of question and I was very prepared. But she gave me the white paper, and said my case is under review. Now I have to sit tight and wait. I think now it’s common that they run another background check after the interview. God carried me there. 🙏🏼
  15. @Stillwinning!!!😊 @Ziongirl Thank you for the support! I truly appreciate. 🙏🏼💝
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