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  1. Got the interview email just now. interview is on March 7, 2019.
  2. I agree with Khallaf here.. Your case in the eyes of the CO highly likely looks fraudulent.
  3. Congrats to all who got their interview emails so far for February
  4. Congratulations to everybody who got their interview date
  5. we have met 2 times, but we got married on the first visit. she is also coming to attend the interview with me I am IR1. currently waiting for interview letter.
  6. how many times did you meet guys ? and in which visit did you get married ?
  7. Pink_Waters

    Egyptian people applying for K1 Visa

    Agreed. it is the only way.
  8. Pink_Waters

    Egyptian people applying for K1 Visa

    we tried to tell him that, and he threw a tantrum.
  9. some cases are email and some are electronic and the others are mail. check my timeline for dates.
  10. Hello guys, I called NVC today and they said that I got CC yesterday. Not sure whats next, when should I get an email from NVC ?
  11. Just finished calling NVC, My case completed yesterday 6th of December.
  12. I am. but i am filing via mail NVC received my documents on november 26th Today I noticed on the case status that CR1 changed to IR1 and on the portal they don't list my AOS anymore, not sure they accepted it or not. and the IV package is still listed.