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  1. I don't haven a W2 or 1099 because I have the foreign income exclusion for all my income. I don't need to explain there is no W2 or 1099 correct? Just send the 1040 with the Foreign income exclusion addition.
  2. Hello, I am finalizing my submission for the i864 and had a tax question I was hoping someone could answer. Part 6, Income Tax Return 23.a. Have you filed a Federal income tax return for each of the three most recent years? Y/N I have just recently (about 2 months ago) sent in my tax returns to the IRS (paper copy not online) to get caught up. According to my online account these transcripts are no available so I assume they have not yet been processed. When answering this question, since I have sent in the completed tax returns but they haven't been processed do I write Yes or No to this question? Thank you! I-864, Part 6, Income Tax Return 23.a
  3. Thats great, thanks so much for the reply! I tend to over analyze these types of things and tend to do more than needed. Good idea on the file names! Again I appreciate your help.
  4. I wasn't sure if it was okay to bump this question as its been couple days and may have been missed by some of the knowledgeable people here. I am putting my application for the NVC stage together now and was hoping to know if I really need to put the info and signature of each question on every page of evidence.
  5. Thanks so much for the info! That's very reassuring. I am currently putting together our NVC application right now and hoping to be back stateside before next year!
  6. Hello, I did some reading on previous topics about this and I think I understand but wanted to double check. My spouse has savings here in taiwan, money shes gotten from family, from work etc. She wants to bring the money to the US but is not able to set up a US bank account until we immigrate together. Can she wire money to my US bank account for me to wire back to her once she sets up her own. The amount would be under 50K, probably closer to 20K USD. Is there any tax issue or IRS reporting issue that I need to worry about basically acting as an intermediary account for her funds until she can set up her own? Or when I transfer the money back to her US account when she makes it, will there be an issue then? Thanks for you help all!
  7. Hello, I tried searching but couldn't find an answer to this particular question. Sorry if its been asked before... I am submitting the I-864 AoS online and I will be including all the supporting evidence for my domicile, taxes, etc at the end using the Additional information and evidence method. I have a typed sheet of paper listing my name, page, part and question with an explanation and a list of the supporting documents. This typed page also has my signature as requested. I had two questions: 1) If my typed page with explanation and list of evidence takes up 2 pages, do they both need the whole (name page, part, question # and signature)? 2) Do all my pieces of evidence also need the (name page, part, question # and signature) if they are attached after the explanation page with signature? I haven't uploaded anything yet but I assume its just pdf files online and you can upload them in the order you'd like. If that is incorrect and I should be preparing a different method for upload please let me know! Thanks for any and all help with this!
  8. Thanks Mave! I will look into this and if we have any further questions or idea I will message you!
  9. I would say it is quite good but definitely not a native level. But I am not entirely sure what level is needed... Her TOEIC score was 900 in 2017. I think her conversational and listening ability is very good, but medical vocabulary would be missing. Are there any sort of certifications needed for this type of work? Does it tend to be more part-time work or like a salaried position? Thanks so much for your response!
  10. I am an American citizen and my wife is Taiwanese. We will be immigrating to the US next year and we are trying to explore some different job possibilities for her. We are in the process of getting the CR1 so she will have a green card upon arrival. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Management from a Taiwanese University and her work experience has been mostly Assistant and Reception jobs at International Corporations in Taiwan. However, she is not incredibly interested in staying with that career path. Her English language ability in speaking and writing is high intermediate. Her Speaking level is especially good. Also a native Mandarin speaker. We are wondering what kind of jobs immigrants in her position are able to find. Will it be very difficult to find jobs that are not labor or service industry jobs? She has interest in possibly doing something related to social media marketing, life enrichment/event coordination for elderly homes or health and wellness related jobs. Anything specifically related to Chinese and English language ability would be another option too. She has taken courses on teaching Mandarin to foreigners in Taiwan in the past. Going back to school for a new degree would be a massive decision we're not sure about yet, but if there were jobs or opportunities that required shorter courses or certifications that would be very doable for us. If anyone has a similar experience or ideas to help us get started in finding good possibilities we'd be really appreciative. Thanks so much!
  11. My wife will be visiting the US to travel during our application process right now. She will returning to Taiwan where i will be due to work. I can't go with her. Will this cause problems for our application process. Will they wonder why she was trying to enter the US during the interview process or will it slow down the process due to having this trip to the US during the application? Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
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