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  1. as for NJ, looks like they are using all the labour to fix the overload in Newark office and Mount Laurel is stagnating. 💩 not fair 🤬🤬🤬
  2. Hi, will subscribe to comments. ) thanks and good luck everybody!
  3. Great! so I guess the next update (April-June) is around the corner? )
  4. Understood, every case is unique. I'm tired of waiting too. 🤕
  5. yeah, what would a SR do? i guess as long as it's within a timeframe, they can't speed it up.
  6. Hi. my office is in Mount Laurel, NJ no updates after the biometric reuse in February.
  7. Guys, I couldn't check via the link. Can you help with my office backlog too, please? Mount Laurel- NJ. thanks!
  8. Oh that's nice to hear ) I hope to receive something soon as well, it's been 2 weeks already.
  9. I wonder if they are going to mail the physical letters of acceptance and biometric reuse? So far, it's only updates online.
  10. I Have the same! Reused it today after 13 days since I applied.
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