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  1. Hi everyone a relative of mine is visiting soon to the US and wants to open a savings account. I checked with the bank, they're fine with it. Now what I want to know is how much tax does a non resident alien have to pay on interest earned? I have been been going through the IRS guide for taxes for non resident aliens https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p519.pdf#page3 but the more I read the more I get confused. Is a normal savings bank account on which you earn interest exempt or not? If not than it's most probably the 30% flat rate. and also is the tax less for a resident alien on a savings account? appreciate your help everyone
  2. hello... after ur interview has ur visa been issued.. my wife had her interview on july 24th 2017 at Islamabad and its augusr 11th today and havent got a reply yet.. dont know why

  3. Congratulations Abbas! Man you are so lucky. Got done so quickly. And giving the wife the mini heart attack is so much fun LOL
  4. Just came back from the interview. It was a long and adventurous day. First when I reached the parking area, I checked my documents one last time before going inside. And guess what. My 2x2 photos were missing. Mini heart-attack right there. I looked twice but didn't find it. I went inside to see the photo studio shop closed. Luckily it was open in 20 minutes and I got my photos done. Took the rental car and reached the embassy at 8 am for a 8;30 am interview. Waited till 8;30 and was allowed to go in. Hell lot of people in there. Was called after an hour for biometrics. An hour and a half later for documents submission and finally at around 11.55 am had my interview. Longest wait of my life. Interview; Me- Good morning, how are you CO- Good. How are you Me- *forgot to reply for a few seconds* .... I`m good CO- Who is calling you *voice disrupts* Me-Sorry, what CO-Who is calling you Me-My wife, *NAME* CO-What do you do Me-Answer CO-What does you wife do Me-Answer CO-When did you get married Me-answer CO-How many people were at the wedding Me-Answer CO-Do you have any pictures from the wedding Me-Yes, here CO-Who is this *pointing at my parents* Me-My parents CO-Have you been to any other country Me-Yes, Kuwait and Australia CO-How long were you in Australia for Me-3 years CO-Do you have your police certificate from Australia Me-Yes, here CO-Everything looks clear Me- *Smiling* CO-You wil receive your passport in 2 weeks Me-Sorry, what CO- You will receive your passport in 2 weeks Me- Thank you *keeps standing* CO-You can go home now Me- Oh, alright. Thank you I was one of the last few applicants left. And Thanks to God, I was so happy that I gave an old couple who came all the way from Lahore a ride to the bus terminal on the way back. Their son was calling them and they got the visa. Best of luck to all of you. I just called my wife and scared her first by telling her that it went into AP. LOL. She freaked out but then I told her its approved. hehehe Alhamdulilah.
  5. Congratulations! Are you going to Phily?
  6. Interview date: 24th July! Just got an email!
  7. Hi everyone. Just got my CC. Waiting for the interview email now.
  8. My wife just called NVC. The good news is the case was completed on the 8th of June. She said all looks good. Please wait for the interview date. Thank you God and thank you VisaJourney mates.
  9. Great. I just checked mine. No changes yet. I hope its tomorrow iA lol. Because my CC date is one day after you.
  10. samaab87

    Visit visa for sister

    You're right. Makes perfect sense.
  11. samaab87

    Visit visa for sister

    Haha. Exactly what I`m wishing for.
  12. samaab87

    Visit visa for sister

    I agree.