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  1. Which Indian embassy did you send your renunciation application? I have mailed my application via fedex on 19-Jul-2021 to Houston and hoping I will get certificate within 2 weeks.
  2. Received passport for myself, spouse and kids on 6/28. Still waiting for original documents from 17 days. No one is picking up customer service calls. Anyone have ideas how to contact them?
  3. Today is 8th day after U have received my passport. Still waiting for Naturalization Certificate. Did anyone wait so long to receive back original documents?
  4. Just now received email that my passport is approved. Applied: 05/27/2021 (expedited with priority shipping) In Process: 06/02/2021 Approved: 06/25/2021 I hope I will receive passport tomorrow or Monday.
  5. Received update today that state department received my passport application yesterday and is "IN PROCESS". Submitted: 5/27/2021 (expedited with priority shipping) In Process: 6/2/2021 Checks Cashed: 6/3/2021
  6. I have applied for expedited passport with priority shipping on 5/27 and online status still shows "Not Available" after 6 days. Any idea how long does it takes for online status to show as "Received" or "In Process"? Also checked my bank account and check is not yet cashed out.
  7. Did anyone tried updating SSN after naturalization without submitting original naturalization certificate? Next I have infopass to get certified copies of naturalization certificate. wondering if social security administration accept certified copy?
  8. I have changed my name via N-400. Thats why I need to update DL, SSN, Bank Accounts etc.. as soon as possible. Texas law says that within 30 days of name change, I need to update Drivers License. If you are not changing name, you can update DL, SSN after few weeks. No need to hurry now. However, even without name change, I recommend updating. Because if your DL record do not show Citizenship Status, when you DL renew is due in future, you cannot renew online and have to visit DPS every few years. If Citizenship status is not updated in SSN, when you change jobs or request any social security benefits you may face some challenges. Also DPS will not allow to renew your DL online if your SSN do not show Citizen status.
  9. Question on judicial oaths. I have heard that some field offices are not giving name change certificates signed by judge at the time of oath ceremony. Instead they are mailing them after couple of weeks. Anyone who recently attended your judicial oath in Dallas received name change certificate on the same day along with naturalization certificate? I have my oath ceremony next week. If they do not give name change certificate on same day, I'm concerned I cannot apply for US passport or update DL and SSN card. I would appreciate if anyone can share their experiences
  10. Yesterday, I have received oath ceremony notice for 14-May. Finally big sigh of relief after a long wait (17 months from date of filing to oath ceremony date). I have requested for name change.
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