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  1. Hey there, Our interview was on Tuesday, December 11th, and we were approved. Status changed to "issued" on 12/13, and arrived at Correos de Costa Rica on 12/19 for pickup. Hope this helps!
  2. Congrats!! Here's to hopefully getting the Christmas present of a visa in hand soon!
  3. Damn, that's a long time to be waiting! When we were approved, she said 10 days, which I thought was way too long! Didn't think there were any holidays coming up, other than Christmas. My fiance is hoping to fly up here on Saturday 😢
  4. We were approved in the 11th, and no passport yet 😢 I keep checking the status, still says passport at post!
  5. Just as an FYI for any future interviews: The embassy instructions tell you all the things you can't bring in, such as electronics, phones, bags, etc. I was wearing a smart watch, and it never occurred to me that a smart watch was considered an electronic - it is We had to go across the street and rent a storage locker, which was easy enough though, only cost 2000 colones.
  6. The interviewer told us he could pick it up in about two weeks, at the location specified on the appointment confirmation letter. Hope that helps!
  7. Pura Vida y'all! Had our interview today, and we were approved! 😎 🎉😍 She said up to two weeks to pick up the passport, but hopefully it'll be sooner. Thanks everyone for the support! And of course, best of luck on the rest of your journeys!
  8. jay9475

    Old Site vs. New Site?

    So weird! For me, the old site shows my approval from 8/28/18, but from the new site I still get the email saying "still reviewing...no updates at this time" LOL.. My beneficiary's interview is Tuesday!
  9. Thanks so much. You're right, better safe than sorry, for sure.
  10. Gracias, we'll get them all translated, and thank you!
  11. Congratulations!! I read your Embassy review too, and it's such good information! Our interview is scheduled for December 11th, I'll be flying down there to join him for the interview. He got all the civil documents, but doesn't have the translations. Were the translations required? I have all the financial stuff, 1040 and tax transcripts, W-2s, but instead of a bank letter, I have all my statements - hoping that'll suffice? Thank you again for the update!
  12. It's indeed insane. With my work's insurance, I pay 25%, they pay 75% of the monthly premium. As single, I pay 75.00/month. But when my fiance gets here, it'll go to 500/month.. yikes! And to think, 500/month is only paying 25% of the cost And to top that off, I have a 2500 deductible, but preventive care is free. As long as nothing major happens, it's not too unbearable, for now
  13. Cool, thank you! He's definitely going to get the labs and x-ray same day. He didn't have his vaccination records, but last time I visited we went to clínica bíblica and got them all redone, so now he has that card, thankfully!