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  1. We went on a Wednesday, arrived around 11-11:30am. Hopefully they won't make you wait, as long as they're not busy they should take you
  2. Ft. Worth, Texas. 2/12/20 early walk in, was accepted (original appointment for 2/24/20). There was only one other person waiting. The agent did manage to say "usually we only do walk-ins in the afternoon, but we're not busy, so we'll take you". This was for I-90, initial green card has the wrong "resident since" date.
  3. So, my hubby got his green card delivered on Saturday, yay! But, it has the wrong "resident since" date on it 😠 It has his PD listed, instead of the date of our interview/approval. Now to submit yet another firm to fix their error. Annoying, but still thankful!
  4. Appointment time was 12:05, arrived at 11:45. Was out the door right before 1pm.
  5. You should be good to go, since your AOS was submitted within a year of the time of the medical. We offered a copy of the DS-3025, but she said she had a copy in the packet, and didn't need it.
  6. Yep, it's the office in Irving. She asked about the medical, but I told her that he had his medical done during the K-1 process. She looked through the packet, and saw it, so she said that was fine since it was less than a year old at the time of submission.
  7. Hello all, Filed for AOS/AP/EAD 4/21/19. On 12/11/19, got our notice of interview scheduled for 1/15/20 in Dallas. We were approved! Interviewer was super nice and professional. She verified the personal info on the 485, then asked all of the yes/no questions. She looked at our pictures and asked me to pick 5 for her to keep, and said "it's already approved, but if you want, you can give proofs of relationship". We gave copies of joint car/health insurance, and copies of my 401k showing my husband as beneficiary. Two hours later, case status changed to "we've ordered your new card". We had made copies of his passport, SS card, driver's license, and EAD/AP, and she seemed to really appreciate that. It honestly was a very pleasant experience!
  8. True! I'll keep y'all posted. He's on my car and health insurance, and is beneficiary on life insurance, so I think that should be good
  9. Yep, it's the Irving office. I was a bit shocked that it was so quick, since it has been going so slow for so long! Hopefully we have enough evidence. My hubby has EAD, but doesn't work yet. We don't have joint bank accounts yet, only joint credit cards. We shall see!
  10. Hello all, Filed for AOS on 4/21/19, just got interview notice this morning for 1/15/20! Now to start on the checklist, and make sure everything is in order! (EAD/AP received in September)
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