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  1. JamesT

    Income Taxes

    Yes, good point. She is fine as far as the IRS is concerned, but it won't look so good at the interview in Casablanca if she has a 2017 tax return filed with status single. It's not good evidence of "co-mingling of finances."
  2. JamesT

    Income Taxes

    Well if you've already filed single, then you really shouldn't do anything at this point. Wait until your husband has his visa and is here in the USA, and then you can get a social security number for him. Then file an amended return married filing jointly, and you won't even have to mess with the ITIN.
  3. JamesT

    Income Taxes

    I filed as Married filing jointly and had no problems at all. I sent in the form W-7 along with my form 1040 and the supporting schedules. I sent a certified copy of my wife's Costa Rican passport and a certified copy of our marriage license as support. It was approved about 5 weeks later and the supporting documentation was returned by US mail. About a week after that I received our refund by direct deposit.
  4. Probably around mid-May. They received my case on February 28 and we got our NVC case number on April 6, so that was a little over 5 weeks.
  5. Which consulate are you waiting on? Why is your timeline not completed? Please take the time to fill it in with the correct dates and information.
  6. I have a quick update on my case that was processed through the Potomac service center. My priority date was 8/14/2017, NOA-2 approval date was 2/14/2018 (a nice Valentine's Day surprise!), and I just called the National Visa Center and they confirmed that they just received my case yesterday 2/28/2018. She said a NVC case number had not been assigned yet, but recommended I call back in about 1-2 weeks and a case number should be assigned by then. Good luck to all of those still waiting!
  7. Hi everyone, I filed the I-130 petition for my wife on August 10th and received the hard copy NOA1 with notice date August 15th. Our case was routed to the Potomac Service Center. Settling in now for the long wait for the NOA2. I'm flying to Costa Rica to visit her for a few days over Labor Day weekend and then again in late October for about a week. Trying to visit as often as possible to make the time go by quicker!