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  1. lethimrace

    Pdos exempted (my Father)

    Can anyone please share their parents' experience those who were exempted to attend the seminar? I've already registered him online. How long will be the wait for him once he is inside? Is it only a sticker? Thank you.
  2. lethimrace

    Received text from 2GO

    finally he received the visa yesterday 04/07, one day after he received the text
  3. lethimrace

    Received text from 2GO

    Yes my father's home is an easy to find address. I will contact 2GO now. Thank you
  4. lethimrace

    Received text from 2GO

    His interview was in April 2nd and the text was received on the 5th. I'd call 2GO now.
  5. lethimrace

    Received text from 2GO

    My Father received a text from 2GO express yesterday that they'd deliver the visa, but it didn't arrive. Is this normal? TIA I'm a little too excited here.
  6. Applicant name is it petitioner's name or the beneficiary. Thank you.