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  1. Hello All, My in-laws IR-5 petition is currently at NVC and still awaiting interview scheduled having been documentary qualified since October 2020. The affidavit of support filed at that time has my husband listed as the main sponsor and myself as the joint sponsor since his income alone did not meet the requirement at that time. Since then my husband has been promoted in the same company and now makes well over the income requirement not needing me any more as joint sponsor. Also since then, my job and income has changed. My question is do we need to submit a new affidavit of support with updated income/job information before their interview gets scheduled? If so what are the steps in doing so. Any information would be of great help. Thanks!
  2. PD Dec 2019 and DQ Oct 2020 for my in laws and still waiting on interview date
  3. PD Dec 2019 and QD Oct 2020 for my in laws, and still no interview date 😭
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