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  1. File a waiver for the free if you have the required docs to justify your financial needs.
  2. Thank you so therefore is like a standard AP not like a 221g AP ?
  3. Hi all, my cr1 spouse visa was approved On 10/15/2019 during the interview the officer told him, "visa approved passport will be ready in 10 days" However ceac showed ready on the day of, then around 4pm eastern it changed to AP and this morning at 7:45 it went back to ready and then at 8:00 am switched again to AP. I emailed us travel docs and they said" Please be informed that the status of the case was placed under Administrative Processing which takes 60-180 days after the visa applicant's interview by a consular officer or the last submission of documents." But we were informed of AP during the interview. Please advise anyone who has had a similar experience and can share what the ceac statuses would look like after an approval. thanks!
  4. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/public-charge-rule-judge-blocks-attempt-to-deny-green-cards-and-visas-to-low-income-immigrants/
  5. Has anyone here have been granted an expedited interview under medical for a Cr1 spouse and not attended? I was granted an expedited interview under medical condition and we are having an interview soon but because of my injured (fracture leg in multiple parts) I am not attending. Has anyone have had a similar experience?
  6. Did you guys attend your interviews? What were the outcomes after the expedite? Tx
  7. Most insurance company allow you add someone outside of enrollment period if a significant life event has occurred. You may qualify to do it upon the beneficiary arrival. Talk to your employer if is through work or call your provider.
  8. So I am reviewing the i-130 prior to the interview and I just realize I added my husband under name all your spouses and I must of read date of marriages and entered our wedding date where it ask date marriage ended. Will this be any issue? He is the beneficiary and is our first marriage for both!
  9. Hi all, so my husband went to the vac center today in Santo Domingo - Dom. Rep. apparently a glitch in the system says he had already his prints taken but he never has been on any other immigration process. US travel docs confirmed that they do not have on file but that the embassy will capture them during the interview? Has this happened to anyone? Will this cause any delays after the interview?
  10. You have to email them if you did not get your interview information. Private message me
  11. The embassy/ NVC or Department State of already had a changed to their public charge rule in January 2019...this new law applies to DHS not DOS. People need to stop interpreting this wrong. Eventually both agencies will need to unified and come to one agreement. https://www.boundless.com/blog/public-charge-rule-state-department-foreign-affairs-manual/ I went to an interview with my mom three weeks ago here in the states, they asked "do you think you will become a public charge" so they already have been doing this!!
  12. Its been approved and now is ready in Ceac and at the US embassy. Broken tibia and fibula plus medical diagnosis on adjustment disorder with anxiety.
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