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  1. Hello, I also have not traveled to the US yet. We are trying to make our move during the first week of May inshAllah. Can you share how and where you paid the green card fee? Thank you!
  2. Salaam All, My husbands interview was scheduled for April 3rd, 2018 at 8 am. We booked a room at the Premier Inn hotel which is about a 4-6 minute drive to the US embassy in Abu Dhabi. We reached the embassy at 5:55 am and we were the first in line. There are 2 sets of benches. One for immigrant visas, and one for non-immigrant visas. We sat on the benches for immigrant visa. My husband had all of his documents in a file and we used the NMC medical exam bag that was given to carry all the files to the embassy and the embassy security said it was fine. We waited until 6:30 until another couple showed up and joined us on the bench. As we waited, more and more people began to arrive. At about 7:00, there were about 50 people in line. So its a good idea to go as early as possible. At 7:10 the security guards arrived and reminded everyone that bags are not allowed inside the embassy. He said he will inform us when to line up. At 7: 20 he called everyone to line up and i waved goodbye to my husband. Spouses are not allowed inside the embassy, but I wanted to wait for my husband so I waited on the benches. Before entering the doors, my husband was asked for his appointment letter and passport. Once cleared, he went through the doors, where he passed security. He walked through to the next building where he really admired the greenery. When he entered he next building he was asked for his civil documents (marriage, birth certificate and police clearance). They asked him a few questions regarding the documents. Then he was called for his bio metrics, which is where they will scan your finger prints. Next, he was called for his interview. He was lucky enough to have his interview inside the private room instead of the counters. A young lady was sitting behind the window. He greeted her and began to ask many questions. She basically asked questions that are specific to our case. She asked about how we met, where we got married, how we got married, she asked about my parents (husbands in laws), where he will be living in the US, what does he intend to do in the US, she asked about his studies and what he majored in, How many years was he studying in Malaysia, and she asked about my husbands previous student-visa rejections. All the questions that were asked, were questions that are basic to your relationship. The questions are all the type of questions you will know the answers to but you just have to tell the truth and be confident! They didn't ask my husband to show them ANY documents! We were so well prepared with everything! They didn't ask for any proofs or pictures of any sort. The CO was very kind. After she completed her questions, she handed my husband a little slip and said congratulations! The slip mentions that the visa has been approved and to wait for passport to be delivered. The interview lasted about 20 minutes. My husband went in at 7:30 am and was out by 8:50 am! Alhumdolillah for the happy ending. I would sincerely like to thank Visa Journey for making helping us throughout this dreadful process. Although it involves a lot patience, believe me, it will come to an end....and a happy one inshAllah. So stay strong and patient! Thank you to all the members who responded to my questions and for taking the time to help me out. And thanks to the members of the "Abu Dhabi Delay Group". I hope the pace stays the same so we can change the name of the forum lol. Best of Luck to everyone! Praying for your quick and positive visa journey! Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Salaam All, My husband had his interview today and I am thrilled to say he received the approval, ALHUMDOLILLAH!!! God is Great! Will post my review in detail soon
  4. Thank you wanderlust! I forgot to mention another point regarding my 2016 tax returns. My lawyer said I didnt have to file it because my income didn't meet the requirements. So even after submitting my taxes, it amounted to zero. So basically it was just a formality. I don't owe any money to the IRS and they don't owe me anything. My salary cannot be transferred to my US bank account. I asked them that. I will ask my lawyer about this but hes not too helpful unfortunately. When i received the checklist, he mentioned that my husband just needs to tell the consular that I didn't meet the income requirement for the tax returns. i appreciate you help wanderlust! does anyone else have a similar issue to mine
  5. Congrats to all the latest approvals! It's so nice to see so many success stories alhumdolillah. Praying that we all are able to share the same good news soon inshAllah! I have another question. After NVC approved my IV package, I received another email stating that something was missing/or incorrect in my Affidavit of Support. It mentioned that my case is already in queue for an interview, and that I need to bring the missing/corrected item to the interview. In the list it just mentioned that I need to bring " a copy of every W-2 form that relates to your 2016 tax returns." I had not submitted my taxes for 2016 because I was not aware that U.S citizens are required to file their taxes if working abroad. I ended up submitting my taxes after receiving this letter. so my question is, do I also need to include all the 2016 W-2 forms for my joint sponsor as well? And I have not filed my 2017 taxes yet because I am having an issue with my School ( I am a teacher in a school). The HR has told me they cannot give me my payslips until I open up a bank account. ( I have been receiving my salary in cash). The bank says I need to submit my taxes before I am able to open up an account. So what is the deal with tax returns. Is it ok if I dont have 2017 tax returns? I would greatly appreciate your help as this is making me very very nervous for my husbands interview!!
  6. Thank you so much!!! A HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU! All that waiting was worth it! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!
  7. Congratulations to the ones who got approved! SO happy for all of you. you must be so thrilled! Wishing you the best of luck, and hoping that you are united with you loved ones very soon inshAllah. I have a question for those who had their interview. I have organized my husbands documents in a 3 ring file and labeled each document. I also labeled all the extra things like proof of domicile and tax documents etc. I put them in the order of the checklist that was on the link for abu dhabi. Will the consular ask for the documents one by one? Or can my husband just hand the whole file to them. The way I have organized it, should make everything very straight-forward for the CO. It might even make it easier for the CO to take the whole file and review it themselves rather than making my husband take out each document and handing it to them. Can someone please explain the document procedure to me in detail? I would truly appreciate it! best of luck the ones who have their interview tomorrow and in the upcoming days! praying that you hear good news inshAllah!
  8. Did we ever figure out the proper way to get the police clearance since it is now only done online? My husband completed the online request for Police Clearance and selected the Empost option. Will we get original copy of Police Clearance mailed to us? He paid 165 dirhams for the police clearance to be sent to Empost. For those who are getting ready for their interview or already had their interview, what did you do for your police clearance?
  9. My husband studied in Malaysia and we got his police clearance last year as well. But there is no need for another police clearance because my husband has not been to Malaysia since then.
  10. Thank you! I have another question. Did anybody send their original police clearance to the NVC? I am at work right now, and I am not able to check if I have my husbands original police clearance. But I am almost certain that I sent my lawyer the original police clearance. I am freaking out just a little now!
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