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  1. No one can have more proofs than mine , she visited me 5 trips , we spent 64 nights in total together , i know her since two years ago , she have a loooooooooot of pictures with all parts of my family and friends , we have pictures in different many places in my country , a lot of skype hours , chatlogs , gifts chaging by post , i have all the proofs , the CO hated me before even the start of interview , she descriminated us cause of age difference , i'm 24 years old and my US fiance 41 , sh told me the reason on the refusal paper that she gave t me with my papssport after one mont of intrview , the CO think that anyone withage difference is a user , this is bullshit , our two familes are so supportive and love each other , she don't have no real reason t deny us like this Greenbaum JuniorMints GP1977
  2. just wanted to let all of guys know tht today after 1 month in AP i got officialy denied for a non bonified relationship :( good luck for all of you , i'm so sad and lost
  3. i'm like you , kept my passport and gave me 221g , so after 6 days of my interview it chnged for me from Ready Immigrant to Administrative processsing non immigrant , and since then which is 14 november i didn't hear nothing , i heard this change from immigrant to non immigrant in k1 is good sign , so always check ur status in CEAC website , good luck for all of us
  4. yes try to call NVC and see whats the problem of the delay
  5. yes of course , if it says At NVC it mean its still there , and ten it will change to in Transit when they send it , and then it will change to Ready after it gets here in Tunisia and ready for interview when u get that u call and ask for an interview date from us embassy in Tunis
  6. Greattttt congradulations !!! happy for you i told u u will get approaved soon , mine is still stuck in AP non immigrant :( since 14 nov no updates at all ...
  7. when you check your status in CEAC website and find it ready you call embassy by your self an have interview , thats how it works for Tunisia , i had my interview for k1 visa like that in us embassy in Tunis ( les berges du lac )
  8. all you say is logic , but i saw 4 or 5 cases that even it changed for them but they get issued after a lot of months or more than a year of that change from immigrant to non immigrant , i was happy when everybody told me u will get issued soon and then when i saw this people still waiting all this even after that change i felt so sad :( but thx again u always try to make me feel better , i wish i will get approaved soon really
  9. WaJohn Mine is stuck in AP since november 14th everyone here said i will hear something god soon so yes i'm waiting , thx everyone for encouragment , ur words gave me hope GP1977 Greenbaum
  10. its a good thing , if u had a new case creation date and it changed from immigrant to non immigrant , this change means u will get ur visa in like two days , thats what i learned from other people experience
  11. i'm in AP since 3 weeks , my case creation date changed and had the change from immigrant to nonimmigrant since two weeks ago , i was like everyone say its a good sign but when i saw ur case i changed my mind but now u gave me hope , i hope it will not take for me all tat time haha but i'm really really soooooo much happy for you brother Mabroukkkkkk :) pray for me please
  12. i had my interview for K1 visa , 8th november , they gave me 221g for further administrative process and they kept my passport in us embassy in Tunisia and said we will contact you , no additional thngs asked at all and this is my status updates : 8th november : Immigrant - Ready 13th november : Immigrant - Ready 14th november : Changed to Non Immigrant - Administrative processing and had new case creation date and since then i didn't have no updates at all for two weeks , please any help i'm so stressed
  13. alicia7375

    Visa issues

    we had interview in same day but me in Tunisia haha it was 8th november they kept my passport and gave me 221g for just administrative process , so my case was ready immigrant for 6 day and then it changed to non immigrant administrative process and i had nw case creation date all this was nov 14th two weeks ago and since then i didn't hear nothing from them
  14. all you say is logic but as i told u i had my inerview 8th november and was given 221g white paper for further administrative process , in nov 14th my status changed from ready immigrant to AP non immigrant and i had new case creation date and my AA ID number of ds160 works now , before it shows no status , but since that i didn't hear nothing now for 2 weeks , no updates at all :(