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  1. I need some advice from you about preparing for an interview. First of all, do I need to upload 2020 IRS tax returns documents and W-2 documents into the C.E.A.C. or not, and secondly my spouse's passport is renewed so do we need to upload that on the C.E.A.C. or not. The reason why I am confirming is just that we received an interview appointment for the second week of May-21 (UAE Embassy). Thank you in advance.
  2. Great, it means there is no expected date but thanks for sharing information.
  3. Hi Everyone, After a wait of 15 months they accepted my application of I-130 and few days back I received an email from N.V.C. that my case is "documentarily qualified" so how much time they will take to transfer it to Abu Dhabi consulate. Below attached email I received from N.V.C. Thank you in advance.
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