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  1. There is a new update from Embassy about immigrant visas. Looks like people from countries like Iran and Iraq are still having hard time to enter to country if not more other countries. Now looks like everyone is prioritized, so backlog of banned categories will affect the process more and more. Lets hope the best but for IR1/CR1 it looks like a long wait will be there. Best luck to everyone!
  2. Hi, I follow Yesilkartforum.com which is the most active and inclusive forum related to all types of Greencard and life in USA etc. https://yesilkartforum.com/forum/ In this forum, the members who are waiting for their IR1/CR1 visa are getting it in very normal timing (i.e. you got DQ in Feb, IL in March and Interview in April for an example.) I am aware changing the Embassy is a very complicated process, so probably I won't and wait for things in Abu Dhabi to recover.
  3. If it takes one month to transfer it is very good actually. Under current conditions in Abu Dhabi I am not expecting an interview before June-July earliest and might even be August. As an arabic country, Ramadan time is strict here as well, everything slows down to snail speed here and Ramadan is mid april to mid may. In case it takes one month, it means I might have an interview date for May or latest June which is still so much better. My brother is getting married in June so I will already be in Turkey for 3 week at least for the wedding.
  4. Hi, I am a Turkish citizen that lives in UAE as an expat. My documents are qualified in January 2021 and waiting interview letter for Abu Dhabi Embassy. However it looks like things are not going well in Abu Dhabi embassy and we haven't even hear any IR1 visa interview is booked for April. We have members with November 2020 DQ date still waiting visa interview and nothing is progressing yet (Actually weird because until March interviews everything was seemed going smooth in AD embassy but for a reason I dont know why everything changed for April) Meanwhile Embassy in Ankara is going pretty good with Interviews. On Turkish forums I follow, people get their interview dates for April with February DQ already for IR1 visa. My question is, is it possible to change Embassy for interview in demand if you are citizen of that country? I am in UAE as an expat so I am here on residency visa basis which is 2 years valid and subject to renew every two years. My residency will expire in September 2021 so I do not have any ground to expedite my case. I still have my job and everything so Expedite doesn't seem an option for me, neither I have right to expedite while some people in UAE are geniunly need the expedition as we are all expats here and our stay here solely depends that we have jobs and lots of people are loosing their jobs already due to pandemic. In this regard, what would be my chance to request my interview location to be changed to my home country? Is it possible? How long would it take? Would it make things worse?
  5. There is very good news from Embassy everybody! Looks like they are currently increasing the IV interview capacity and priority will be CR1/IR1 visas (Also K). https://ae.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/
  6. President Biden has revoked Proclamation on F visas (Family preference). I need to express that those who got their interview dates until March 2021 are very lucky. Now things will go crazy in embassy with all the backlog of this "Family preference visas" that were waiting since June 2020 (and beyond due to covid lockdown of embassy). I wish Embassy had used this opportunity of lesser work load to clear up the backlog in IR1/CR1 visa, until this huge wave of other applications comes. Unfortunately that did't happen. Poeple from November DQ are still waiting for an interview. Now we are the part of this huge backlog. Well, those who got their interview until March can feel very lucky. And for the ones that are waiting for an interview date, best luck to us.
  7. I am glad you have seen the point I was coming from. Only thing I would expect from NVC is that for each month to inform us which documentarily qualified date was the last that have been able to get an interview date. That's all. NVC publishes immigrant visa issuance on below link. Generally they update it every 20th of the month for the previous month. This month they haven't update for January 2021 yet, I believe it is because 20th of this month is weekend. So probably will be updated at 23rd. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html On this link we can see a long history of immigrant visa issuance. It is not showing the total applications, AP or denials. Just how many is issued. That is still a very useful information that shows which embassy is working and how they are working compared the previous months. Publishing a similar document to this for the queue wouldnt be that hard.
  8. I was really hopeful that February interviews will clean the backlog significantly considering March and especially April will be very hard months. As you said, proclamation will end in March 31st. That means it will bring a huge workload to Embassy with all pending and backlogged halted visas in April. Also Ramadan is starting April 12th which definately will reduce the working hours and productivity. So whatever ID is taken until April 1st is better. After April starts, things will go very busy. April 12th to May 12th Ramadan, so reduced hours. In may there is Eid which means holiday. Likely that some embassy workers may have their annual leaves during ramadan which I do personally normally. So I wish we had more ILs in this February for March while melting the backlog was going really good.
  9. This month, anyhow, seems extraordinary rather than previous 2 months to be honest. Normally people would get their interview letters in the middle of the month (14-15-16th) and each month of interview was covering roughly 2-2.5 month of DQ dates. This month only 2 people got their IL in the forum (Both are October DQs and one of them as I spoke with him expedited his case). These two IL came around 8-9th of the month. And we haven't hear anything during 14-15-16-17th for the ones whose DQ are November and December which should be interviewed in March as per previous months statistics. I do not know exactly, but something is not in place. Additional note: AUH embassy stopped nonimmigrant visa issue except medical-humanitarian cases. It can be that Embassy will not work full capacity this month, it can be that their staff are using their annual leave, or it can even be covid measurements related. We just simply do not know what is inside the box and blindly guessing. No matter what, this months ILs are extraordinary compared to previous two months', that is for sure. Let's hope the best. I was hoping that since they limited the nonimmigrant visas, they would've process more and more immigrant visas which they have very limited catagories already (IR1/CR1, EB3, K1,etc - Even no DV1). But that looks like this is not the case. A side note, in general USCIS has approved almost 25% less cases in 4th quarter of FY 2020 (Which is July-August-September 2020). (144,000 worldwide approval compared to FY2020/1, FY2020/2 and FY2020/3 which were around190,000-200,000 approval). These 4th quarter approved cases mostly already got their DQ dates around August-September-October 2020 and had their interviews. I believe this less approval is a trend that continued at 1st Quarter of FY2021 (October-November-December 2020) as we can already see the affect on this on the VJ members. VJ members which got their NOA2 in these months are less than the previous quarters for sure. So statistically, there are less people waiting for their interview, hence less workload for embassies, still there is not much IL issued this month. Just weird. Also everything I wrote above are still so blindly guessed since we do not have information of the full picture. Just data of VJ members, their timeline etc is not enough to make concrete deductions. Still, while we are waiting, why not do some brainstrorm, right
  10. I just want to express one thing. It is really medieval how NVC manages information. I don't think it would be so hard for them to publish for each embassy, what was the last date of DQ they scheduled interview for that month. This is as easy as looking the last row of an excel table and bring all data in just one excel sheet for each embassy. We would not have then this "Which DQ dates got the interview, which dates will get next month, hmm" syndrome. NVC publishes how many visas are issued by each post every month for 2 months before. USCIS publishes how many cases are approved, denied and pending for each quarter. That is good things. But why not publishing how many cases are interviewed each month in each post, which DQ date was the cut off date etc. I really do not think that would take more than 15 min for an employee to prepare. Everything there on their system already. Just frustrated to check all the timelines, some of them partly filled, some of them filled with mistakes and try to make some assumption which dates are interviewed, which dates will be interviewed next batch etc. I wish NVC was more transparent on this issue.
  11. Today I saw that US Embassy in Abu Dhabi is not issuing any nonimmigrant visa if it is not essential (Health reasons or student). I remember they were issuing normal B1/B2 visas and other nonimmigrant visas as normal last week. Also visa wait times for nonimmigrant visa is showing "emergency appointments only" now. Before it was showing 140 days for visitor visas and something like 30 days for others. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/wait-times.html https://ae.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/ Do you think this would give a speed boost to immigrant visa interview numbers for the upcoming months? They will be less busy with nonimmigrant visas and they will have way more less nonimmigrant visa applications. I wonder if this free slots of interviews will be assigned to immigrant visa, especially ir1/cr1 interviews and will melt the backlog or will continue like this. Let's see. (fingers crossed)
  12. Congratulations! It looks for the embassy of the country I am in, interview letter arrives mid of the month.
  13. Is this section still valid? So do we only expect the Interview letters to come for the next month within the first week of the month (except exceptions)
  14. Correct, with just a little, discrete data set it is really hard to come to a conclusion in statistics. Especially when we have indeed very limited information of how NVC and Interview scheduling works. Isn't NVC scheduling the interviews with basis of "first comes, first served"? I thought they list people on their DQ dates and fill the slots until a cut date of the last person got appointment to the next month. While there are people got their interview with a DQ date in october for february interview period and I think none of them expedite or anything, why other people with DQ date of August and September weren't placed to the slots of February? That is a mistery I do not have answer:) Hopefully we all get our interview dates as soon as possible. Bon chance for March!!
  15. Hi Everyone, Due to excitement, I have come up with more statistics for Interview Schedules in Abu Dhabi Embassy. I have gathered information of our 9 dear users who got their interview dates for January and February. I am not writing usernames and other inforamtion but just DQ, NVC End, Interview Letter and Interview dates as much as they filled. DQ NVC End Interview letter Interview Date 10/1/2020 14-Jan 1/14/2021 2/9/2021 9/10/2020 2/8/2021 10/5/2020 1/15/2021 2/2/2021 8/14/2020 2/1/2021 7/23/2020 12/15/2020 12/15/2020 1/25/2021 6/16/2020 12/12/2020 1/12/2021 6/2/2020 12/15/2020 12/15/2020 1/12/2021 5/23/2020 12/15/2020 1/11/2021 5/21/2020 12/15/2020 12/15/2020 1/5/2021 Here is a graph version of the data above; Data tells us that eventhough the gap between the DQ dates are large, they all gather up closer in ragard to interview date. So with this limited data we can say that users with DQ dates roughly around MAY-JUNE-JULY got their Interview dates in January and AUGUST-SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER got their Interview dates in February. That is not so correct to make a assumption witht his limited data however if we need to, we may say DQ dates of (OCTOBER)-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER-(JANUARY) may expect their interview to be scheduled for March if Embassy is working at this time same as previous months and if the actual applicants do not significantly differ and loaded for this months. (october and january is in brackets because october partially might not got their interview in February and thus january might not get partially in March as it is hard to go to a conclusion with limited data if all october DQs got visa appointment in February. At the end, this is a blind game:) If we had more users uses VJ and everybody updates their Timeline, we would have a much better picture. Please let me know if you have any further information regarding the workload if AD embassy or any further information of October DQs.
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