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    Our 6 year immigration journey has finally come to an end. We met online in 2014 and I made my first trip to Ghana in 2015. Our K1 was denied that same year. We started all over again with the CR1 visa and my husband arrived in American in March 2017. On July 29, 2020, he was sworn in as a US Citizen. I am truly grateful to start this next chapter of our marriage that doesn't involve evidence, fees, and government interviews.

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  1. Hello all! I know I’ve been MIA. I needed a break from all things immigration after 6 years of dealing with it. Congratulations to all those who have finished over the last couple months. I am wondering for those who are done, have you dealt with updating Social Security after your ceremony. With the offices closed, how have you notified them about your status change? We called and they said we didn’t need to worry about it right away but if we wanted to we could send everything in through the mail. We worry about sending my husband naturalization certificate in the mail for fear it will not be returned.
  2. For what it’s worth, I know a women who’s husband received his visa before their 2nd anniversary. He waited to traveled until after the anniversary and he still received a CR1. They called USCIS and were told the greencard was based on when the visa was issued not when he arrived in the US. Not sure if that was a one time thing, a mistake or what, but just wanted to let you know. They delayed begging together and still have to deal with ROC. As for ROC, it really wasn’t that bad. I just continued to collect evidence as we went...bank statements, credit cards, insurance, taxes, photos, etc. We found out we’d have an interview since my husband arrived on a CR1. My husband became eligible for citizenship before that interview, so we filed the N400. Our combo interview was delayed a bit because of COVID...moved from April to July. He’s now a citizen and we’re done with all things immigration. All the evidence we submitted was normal life things so nothing too hard to get. The interview was really like a conversation as few questions and that’s it.
  3. My husband is completely done...interview and oath. His account says estimated completion is October and the next action on his case will happen in 4 months. That should give you an idea of how accurate they are.
  4. That's what I meant. I am running on little sleep thanks to a teething toddler. Either way I am grateful to not have to give the government anymore money.
  5. Did anyone else see the news of the increased fees starting October 20th? $1,170 for the N-400!!! I am so grateful my husband was eligible to apply last December with the lower fees.
  6. Its a standard text. They just want to ensure you have enough time for the interview. Ours took an hour because ours was a combo interview. It doesn't mean you'll have a same day oath. Some facilities are doing same day oaths...some are not.
  7. Congratulations to you as well! I’ve seen a lot of people on here and Facebook that became citizens today.
  8. We plan to. First on the list is to renew his drivers license that expires in September because the DMV only issued it for the length of his ROC extension letter. I remember you too! Congratulations on almost being done. We’ve both come a long way in the past few years.
  9. I emptied out the drawer with all the paper evidence I’ve been keeping. I found stuff from our denied K1 visa in 2015. The stack is easily a foot tall. I am going to keep the digital stuff on a hard drive just in case. But I am sure we won’t ever need it again.
  10. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone on Visa Journey. This morning my husband officially became a US Citizen—ending our nearly 6 year immigration journey. Ours wasn’t an easy one. It involved a denied K1 visa petition (2015), a successful CR1 petition (2017), Removal of Conditions (applied in 2018, approved July 2020), and Naturalization (applied 2019, approved July 2020), along with 5 trips to Ghana and 2 ½ years living apart. I know there are some on here that’s cases are even more difficult than ours was. Thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge and experience about immigration. I am so grateful to have a community who understands the complexities of immigration, as well as the emotional toll it can have on someone and their relationship. For those of you still waiting, don’t lose faith. I know it’s hard waiting but I can promise you it’s worth it. Good luck to you all!
  11. Our nearly 6 year immigration journey has finally come to an end. My husband's oath ceremony was this morning...bright and early at 7:45 am. I wasn't allowed inside, but my daughter and I were waiting outside for him. I am so grateful to be done. I pray all of you get good news soon.
  12. Everything looks good for me. Nice job keeping track of everyone. Congrats!
  13. Is your husband in the country? If he is, I would have him come with you. That way if they need him, he's available. I went with my husband for his combo interview even though the N400 letter said not to. The IO commented that she was glad I was there...though if I hadn't be there she would have made it work. I hope you three get an interview date soon.
  14. I am curious, who in this group is still waiting for an interview?
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