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  1. Hate to see someone in the same boat but hopefully things will get moving soon.
  2. Hi all. An update on our case status. We just received an email for an inquiry we didn't. Here is what it stated. U.S. Department of Homeland Security USCIS 250 Marquette Avenue, Suite 710 Minneapolis,MN 55401 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Wednesday, February 28, 2023 On 02/02/2023, you or the designated representative shown below, contacted us about your case. Some of the key information given to us at that time was the following: Caller indicated they are: -- Applicant or Petitioner Attorney Name: -- Information not available Case type: -- I751 Filing date: -- 03/21/2017 Receipt #: -- MSCxxxxxxxxxxxxx Referral ID: OVPxxxxxxxxxxMSC Beneficiary (if you filed for someone else): -- Information not available Your USCIS Account Number (A-number): -- xxxxxxxxx Type of service requested: -- Other The status of this service request is: Thank you for contacting USCIS concerning the above-referenced application. Below is a summary of what we have found and how the issue has been resolved or additional actions required. Your application is currently being processed. Please know that the wait times you are experiencing for this application type are normal for our office at the moment. At this time, no further action is required from you. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any completion date at this time. We apologize for the delay. Please be advised that posted processing times are goals based on Field Office averages. These goals are subject to change and can vary from office to office. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by delays in processing. This is really annoying. First off we didn't file the 751 on 3/21/17. That was the day the 130 was approved. Point of Entry was May, 2017 and we filed 751 as required in April 19 so there is something not right with that. That would be close to 6 years for waiting to remove conditions. I swear these people are full of all kinds of that bullskit. One thing that is different is that this particular response is that it came from the local field office in Minneapolis and not from the office at the NBC. Don't know what that implies but I hope in means the file has finally been transfered to our local office. We shall see...
  3. Hi All. Thanks for all the support. I'm sorry to not respond as I had surgery and was in pain. As for why we haven't filed for citizenship is because my spouse still isn't fluent in English and couldn't pass the test. And suing would cost us financial resources that are better used elsewhere at this time in our lives/relationship. Thus we are in the peverveal rock and a hard place. The one thing that is giving us hope is that the case status on the USCIS site has updated to the OVC inquiry has been assigned to an officer as of today. This means the file/case is being 'touched'. We'll see what happens from here.
  4. Just a quick update. We got a general inquiry message that starts with OVP and ends in MSC. We didn't call or make an inquiry since the last on on 1/24 and all our other inquiries began with SRC. I don't know what this inquiry entails yet I hope it means the case has been touched and we will know something soon. But the inquiry message still says it hasn't been assigned for processing. The waiting game continues...
  5. Hi all. Here is the message USCIS sent us after 45 months of waiting, call after call and inquiry after inquiry.... How the hell is nothing outstanding. 45 months is way outside of processing time, especially for our field office which is Lincoln, NE. Why our case is stuck at MSC is beyond comprehension.
  6. No N-400 yet as spouse isn't completely comfortable with English. As for suing...Don't want to put the resources into doing that. Just call after call and inquiry after inquiry.
  7. 48 months does nothing to help our situation. Spouses card initially expired May 5, 2019 and even with the 18, then 24, then 36, and now 48 month extensions her LPR will expire May 5, 2023 which is a little over 3 months from now. 100% pure garbage if nothing happens durring that time.
  8. Filed April 25, 2019. Still on ready to schedule an interview.
  9. Anyone been waiting over 3 years for ROC in Minneapolis? Filed last week of April 2019 and been ready to schedule for interview since September 2019.
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