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  1. I raised an inquiry online about my case being outside the normal processing time, "My case starts with SRC" Texas service centre is now processing cases of October 2020, got a reply by email that i should expect a response by 06/07/2021, waited till the seventh and I didn't receive any response, so i called today, to check on my case, and i was told any inquiry should take a month to be processed....! so why did they send an email with a specific date to respond?!!!!! Also I have been told that my case is moved back to Texas service, after it was transferred to NBC back in October 2020 and then was ready to be scheduled for an interview in November, 2020. Anyone that their cases was transfer to NBC and then went back again to their original service? and any progress after that? TIA
  2. Thanks, and I hope you get your updates soon with approvals.
  3. Did they interview you for ROC without the presence of your wife?
  4. oh wow.. I hope it is due to the pandemic, and now that the circumstances are getting better maybe things will move faster! 2020 was a black hole for USCIS filers, big backlog for most of the applications types! I still have an I751 pending too filed in april 2020! but thanks for taking the time and replying to my question
  5. Hello Atlanta filers, So looking at the progress in here and it seems that Atlanta office barely moving, or people in this forum are not updating their status?! I filed N400 on 04/26/2021 Bio reused 04 /26/2021 Thanks.
  6. Since i submitted my application in late April and it was under maintenance so this is my first estimate!..... I am hoping that is all a B.S and we all get processed faster!
  7. Thank you for your reply, I checked again latter and it is back to what it was 14 month 😱
  8. The personalized estimated wait time has totally disappeared from my account, is anyone having the same thing?
  9. Anyone from Atlanta GA filed N400 recently? I just saw that the processing time in Atlanta filed office has changed from 13.5- 25.5 to 13.5-15.5 so this is 10 months less, hope it means anything in speeding up our process!
  10. Congratulation, it also feels good when it comes that quick! Do you have also a pending I751?
  11. So you are having a combo interview for both I751 and N400?
  12. Wow this is fast, Congratulation.... is columbus OH your local office? and do you have a pending I751?
  13. Mine has been ready to be scheduled for an interview since November, also I recently filed my N400 on 04/26/2021 so all we can hope for is our n400 get processed fast and then they have to adjudicate the I751 at the same time. I think you can get an extension on your expired passport, and then you renew your passport, but let's hope that things will get moving before December!.
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