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  1. If I was your fiance, I would make best friends with the postman in his area. It is true, getting a mail in India is a difficult thing. He will receive some paperwork before the interview.
  2. He is working all night long and needs to sleep during the day. How would you feel if your wife/husband doesn't care about your need to rest? No, it is not solely his responsibility, both of them are adults need to work this out together. Stop with this "Head of the household" BS. He is not rejecting his wife because she snores, he just wants to sleep in peace after working all night long. Lastly he's not the one who is thinking about the divorce, his wife is. Although there is two sides of every story and we do not know her side.
  3. There is more to this story. If your wife is so immature that she's willing to divorce you just because you need sleep then you will be better off without this woman. Things will definitely be tough for quite some time but you will get through this. Ask your wife to stop bsing and tell you the real reason. If you think you and her can workout that's awesome, otherwise pack your bags, divorce her and start a new life. Make sure you genuinely try to save this marriage and document everything. You'll need to prove that your marriage was a genuine one. It will be difficult as you guys have not spent a lot of time being married but it's doable. I wish you best of luck.
  4. how about moving to another state? Is that an option for you?
  5. Hi, I am an Indian born US Citizen applying for first time OCI. The instructions on the Indian government website and CKGS are contradicting and very confusing. I will really appreciate if you can guide me in the right direction. I have few questions, which are as follows:- 1- How many photocopies of the documents do I need to send with my application? 2- Should I self attest all the photocopies? 3- Do I need to send " affidavit in lieu of originals"? 4- I cannot find "additional particulars form" 5- Do I need to send my cancelled Indian passport?
  6. He will have to pass the written and driving test just like everyone else. Having Indian license doesn't mean anything here in US. His auto insurance will be high like new drivers and it will eventually come down after few years. I had to pay $250/pm. Best bet would be to take lessons from driving school.
  7. Do you own research. There is plenty of information given here about how to assemble and organize your package. Use the "search".
  8. If I was you, I would call the travel docs site people and ask them what to do.
  9. Helli friend, You need to prove strong ties to your country. You look desperate to go and live abroad and visa officers are well trained to find out the truth. There is no harm in trying but make sure you have strong ties and intention to come back to your country.
  10. I always keep my passport and my green card in my wallet and that wallet is in my pocket while travelling. I also take pictures of all the important documents through my phone before travelling. Your post is very helpful for other people in the same limbo.
  11. I would not wait posting question here and waiting for replies. This matter should be discussed with an experienced immigration attorney. Hope everything goes on well and you don't get back to Udta Punjab.
  12. Forget about that I129f petition and start planning for CR1. Fire that lawyer of yours and do it on your own. I never trust them, specially in India where they purposely create problems just to get more money out of the clients. I have had personal experience with the lawyers over there. The forms and the process is pretty straight forward. Just do your research and you will get CR1. If you keep running after your I129f petition then you will loose more time.
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