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  1. Well start with criminal case first.. you night br able to resolve this issue before your bisa is issued. Hope they don’t deny your application for lying on your application..
  2. did you mentioned on your CR1 that you were arrested?? and provided any paperwork regarding that DUI?
  3. you have a hire a criminal lawyer and sort this out. Lawyer will take care of your case on your behalf and he will be able to explain what really happened and why you were not able to appear. Even if you get visa and you travel at POE they will do fingerprinting and if they figure out you have a warrant they will arrest you right at the airport. find a criminal lawyer immediately in that where you were arrested.
  4. I can't believe time went by so fast.. now we are already in ROC stage.. I am filling within 20 days. When its comes to affidavit it always good idea to get from your wife family. I got her from dad and her best friend.
  5. abhatia315

    Democrats in the house now

    I hope he is not elected for next term at all lol.. so yeah I agree to 6 years!
  6. abhatia315

    Democrats in the house now

    Wow! Good to know about this issue. I just got excited thinking if he issues an order let’s say hypothetically ending Obamacare, ending h1b visa or ending sponsoring green cards for siblings and parents, he need to work out with Democrats. I hope he doesn’t create any sort of problems for immigrants for next two years at least.
  7. abhatia315

    Democrats in the house now

    Thank you! That explains..
  8. abhatia315

    Democrats in the house now

    Wow! I got excited for no reason...
  9. So democrats recently got selected for house during midterms election. Can anyone throw a light on this issue that how’s its going effect immigration? Can trump still issue executives orders? Can he still make any changes to immigration policies like he mentioned last week about citizenship by birth?
  10. abhatia315

    I751 Preprations

    thank you! thank you that helps!
  11. I don't have an uscis account number and neither do I have other name? can I leave it blank.. Form doesnt let me put N/A too.. Can anyone show me a i751 sample form.. ?? I am very nervous..
  12. Please if anyone can help me figure this out that will appreciated! When I initially came to the US in year 2015, my wife and I got married here.. we started mingling our bank accounts and all.. I added my myself to our apartment lease in year 2015.. I have been on same lease since then till today. I went back to my country after couple of months to start CR1 process.. So my wife renewed lease evryyear by herself because I wasn't in US.. I went back to office to collect renew documents for 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019. I have for 2015-16 but they don't have documents for 16-17 and 17-18 because I wasnt here.. Property management is saying they can create document and I can sign back date but I don't know if its considered mis representation.. anyone has any experience with that?
  13. abhatia315

    Middle name

    Thank you so much!
  14. Anyone ever had issue with middle name while filling out I751 form? I don't have a middle name so its possible to leave it blank?? and part 5 asking about children. My wife have a daughter from previous relationship but she does not stay with us.. do I have to list her as our children as a stepchild ?
  15. Alright.. I will be Dec 2018 Filers and Its now less then two months for I751 to be filled i.. I have already started preparations.. I have few questions if anyone can got a moment to answer.. 1. I have a joint account with my wife from more then three years i.e. Since July 2015.. Should I print out statement for all three years or from a month I became permanent resident? 2. My father in law is leaving for Florida for winters by the end of October so I can get his signature by the end of this month on affidavit? I hope its not too early to get his signature on affidavit ? 3. I saw too many threads on how to assemble the package but some of them are not updated any one can point out on the new thread so I can follow upto dated information?