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  1. Congrats! that gives me hope! my interview is scheduled for Feb 13th. lets see how it goes!
  2. I received my NOA 1 yesterday in mail and my bio metrics are scheduled today. it does not show anything under document tab for now. hopefully it does soon.
  3. If you have are married to a US citizen you have to show 3 years of GMC period which starts from when your case was closed. for example. August 2016 to August 2019. and If you are not married to US citizen than its 5 years which is going to be August 2016 to August 21.
  4. it depends on your outcome of your case. Also are you married to US citizen?
  5. initially I applied for i485 and withdrew my application and moved back to my country. I started CR1. they captured my biometrics when I applied for i485 before CR1
  6. how long does it takes biometrics to show on documents tab?
  7. Hi! I never received my bio metrics. all I received was bio metrics waiver. I called them so many times just to make sure I didn't miss any bio appointment but they gave me same answer, they don't need my BIO. My service center is Nebraska LIN. I am surprised myself even though I am CR1 my case was sent to Nebraska and not NBC.
  8. I got my interview scheduled for I751 today. I don't know if my n400 filling triggered it or what.. but I am nervous..
  9. My interview is scheduled. I don’t know it’s happened because I filed for n400 yesterday.
  10. thats actually correct! My existing attorney told me they will charge me $2000 for n400 and additional $1000 just because I have pending i751. I fired her on the spot. I filled it on my own on 12/29/2019. its a straight forward process.
  11. are you guys submitting all three years of evidence or just year 2019??
  12. Also, Please join n400 dec 2019 group as well so other members can get information as well..
  13. Yes you submit basic information like three year tax transcripts, green card, marriage certificate and whatever's its on guide and you take your evidence along with you at the interview.
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