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  1. Hi! My husband was under AP for 6 months. We saw movement after we filed the WOM. After about 3 months the visa was issued.
  2. My Fiancé is under AP in Beirut as well. Over 100 days now. They requested his passport a month ago, only to return it without a visa.
  3. Hi, was your case solved with the mandamus?
  4. Yes! My Fiancé from Lebanon. Embassy asked for passport and he received it with no visa or further instructions and now the embassy won’t reply to any emails.
  5. I totally understand you! Lebanon is not the exception, different situation but things get worse by the minute there... not fair what they put us through 🥺
  6. I petitioned my fiancé since 2019! I don’t even know if to cry or laugh at this point 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s ridiculous
  7. Exactly! It’s ridiculous! I believe from the time a petition is sent, it goes through many stages before arriving to the embassy, including many background checks. If they were to find anything ilegal with the beneficery there’s no way the USCIS would give you an approval.
  8. We’ve been waiting for 72 days now, he was initially requested to fill out form DS 5535, common for the Middle East
  9. The day of the interview the consular returned the passport, that’s why for some reason they requested my fiancé to submit it. We’re you under administrative process too?
  10. Yes! I’ve seen him and actually he was my go to. I’ll def. reach out to them again. Thank you so much!
  11. We’re reconsidering filing one. We didn’t of course because we though we were going to get the visa when the Embassy asked for passport. Who did you file with?
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