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  1. Thank you all for your help! My friend has decided to go back home. Everything else at this point has been fruitless.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion! I will let my friend know
  3. Thank you!!! You are correct!
  4. I am not a nurse however through my own TB journey and TB education I learnt this..... In a normal scenario, where a patient has latent TB or typical case of TB where the response to the 1st line of drugs are tolerated well then yes a patient can we seen as an outpatient. In a situation of XDR/MDR TB where 2nd line of drugs are not tolerated well and the toxicity is high, it is not unusual to be sent to the state hospital where the patient can be closely monitored until patient is stable and responding well to te treatment. As stated before, her case was very rare and she was not doing well as she lost a lung to this. I went through MDR treatment myself for a long 19 months and the MDR/XDR TB meds are no joke...
  5. This is something she is considering
  6. Her visa is current and she has up until end of October before she either goes back home or enrolls on to another degree program.
  7. Thank you so much for articulating this so well. This is exactly what happened and my friend was able to confirm this. Everything was smooth up until towards the end of last year. Seems like there is very little can be done at this point. She is looking into enrolling onto another degree program and starting over.
  8. Everything tried till now has been fruitless. She is considering enrolling in a program and going down the student visa route. She does not want to go back home and start all over again which is understandable.
  9. She tried this and the motion was unfortunately denied. Appreciate your help
  10. She has reached out to a lawyer who has experience in dealing with complicated work visa situations. She was told once uscis makes a decision there is usually nothing that can be done. Appreciate your help
  11. I cannot believe you people are bashing her instead of offering guidance and support . I myself am a MDR TB survivor who went through treatment for A LONG 19 months! that's how I got to know the friend I was inquiring for. It is very hurtful to read all this. I turned to visa journey because it helped me through my immigration journey. You guys clearly don't know anything about TB and I would not wish it upon anyone. There are many forms of TB and the type of TB she has is XDR TB and very difficult to treat hence why she was in hospital for 2.5 years. She also lost a lung due to TB. For those of you who are saying she should be on here talking for herself, after reading all these hurtful comments I would not want her to see this. She graduated late from college but was able to as the school understood her circumstances and allowed her to work at her own pace while in hospital . She was not able to file for the work visa because she did not know when she was going to be released from the hospital because her health was still in poor shape in December from what I can recall. If anyone is wiling to help, it would be appreciated if we can stick to the original subject and not people's opinions on TB, hospitalizations etc...
  12. Hello everyone! I am trying to help a friend find answers and guidance on the below situation. Any thoughts or suggestions? Is there a way to appeal this as she was going through unforeseen circumstances? I am in a difficult situation right now and I would really need someone's help . I will explain in short what's going on -: I was admitted to Texas Center for Infectious Disease due to a life threatening case of tuberculosis and was quarantined and treated in the hospital for 2.5 years due to this. While in hospital, I graduated from University of Houston. I intially came to the US on international student visa. In February 2021, I applied for my work permit. I sent my application to Immigration Office (USCIS). On May 20th 2021, they told me that my application was denied because I missed a deadline of application in December but I was in the hospital during this time still undergoing treatment. I was released from hospital after the deadline passed. So I applied again in May 2021. This time I submitted documents to them, doctor's letter from the hospital, school advisor's letter and my cover letter explaining my situation that why I got delayed in application process - because I was sick and that hospital also had COVID restrictions. But on August 27th 2021 I found out that they denied my application again. The reason being same - I missed the deadline in December. It looks like from the denial notice that they did not consider or look at my supported documents. Now I cannot apply again. I have to either enroll in a new degree program all over again and then apply for work permit all over again. Or I have 60 days to leave the country. Those 60 days started already from August 27th. Another study program will take 4-5 years and about $100000. All of this because I missed the deadline. But I was totally out of control of my situation which caused the delay. It was not my fault. Before I got sick, I already had a job offer with an Oil and Gas company in Houston. But because I got sick and couldn't graduate in time, I had to let go of that job offer. Now without the work permit a company cannot hire me. My only hope of getting the permit is if a Senator or Congressman can ask USCIS to approve my permit based on my documented genuine medical ground - if they can grant me grace. Since I am in Texas, I think talking to Texas Senator and Congressman will help. A couple of my church friends are trying to get in touch with their offices but haven't heard anything helpful yet. This afternoon we heard back from Senator John Cornyn's office that since the decision is already made, and my application is not in processing, so they cannot make an inquiry on my case with USCIS. But my decision is based not on fair grounds. Even when I was in hospital, I graduated with 3.9 gpa. I am capable of being an asset to a company in the US, if given a job. But I don't know what to do. I have not dealt with or heard of Congressman/Senator here so I do not know how that works. So if anyone can help me in this then please let me know. I have all the documents to support. Thank you.
  13. Hello everyone!! I became a US citizen last Friday and have been trying to obtain an appointment at the dallas passport agency for a passport to be able to travel on Monday. I have been trying since last Friday and have been calling their passport hotline and checking on appointment portal and have had no luck. Does anyone know if they allow walk ins and any words of advice. I have to travel on Monday.
  14. Did you do a walk-in appointment at the Passport agency? I need to travel on Saturday and am really stressed as I have been trying to obtain an appointment since last Friday via phone and online appointment portal. Any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Can you please share if your appointment with Dallas passport agency was made online or on the phone? I have been trying numerous times a day over the past week to get an appointment with no luck. Any tips you may have? I need to travel on Saturday to UK. Any help or insight would be very appreciated!
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