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  1. Wife just had her interview and oath ceremony today. Dallas filer.
  2. The next day. I saw it online. Have not received the one in the mail yet.
  3. Not sure. It usually takes a couple days for the interview notice to show online and probably won't get the actual letter till late next week.
  4. Biometrics reuse notice online dated 01/13/21. A little over a month ago.
  5. June 7th Filer. Just got notice that an interview has been scheduled. Dallas, TX.
  6. Mine says 10 months as of today. It was 2 months yesterday lol.
  7. Biometrics re-use notice posted to my online account dated 01/13.
  8. Estimated completion time has gone down from November 2021 to March 2021. Still no biometrics notice. Filed back in early June online.
  9. From my understanding if you haven't filed anything online before you will not have one. I did not put one. Once I applied, a new online account number was on my NOA.
  10. My estimated case completion date online says July 2021. I'm hoping it doesn't take that long.
  11. Just filed online today. The final leg of the race begins!
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