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  1. http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2017/jan/22/ashley-judd/are-pads-and-tampons-taxed-viagra-and-rogaine-not/ for my lovely cehst muse idwaf. i'm not sure who told you the tampon tax is your fault and i'm also not sure what is so confusing about it.. lmk if you have anymore questions. basically pads, tampons fall under sales tax categories in most states because they are considered hygiene products, like shampoo or soap or lotion (see above) however, there aren't very many us citizens that wish for women by and large to forgo using such 'hygiene products' so there is a push from some women to eliminate the added tax. sales tax might not seem like much, but poor women have difficulty affording pads/tampons. the sales tax adds to that financial burden, that can last upward of 40 years. personally i don't see what the big deal is if pads/tampons were to be tax exempt, like viagra (and sometimes rogaine) and i feel like eventually all states will come around to making such products tax exempt.
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