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  1. gajbaldauri

    visa tourist

    Helli friend, You need to prove strong ties to your country. You look desperate to go and live abroad and visa officers are well trained to find out the truth. There is no harm in trying but make sure you have strong ties and intention to come back to your country.
  2. I always keep my passport and my green card in my wallet and that wallet is in my pocket while travelling. I also take pictures of all the important documents through my phone before travelling. Your post is very helpful for other people in the same limbo.
  3. gajbaldauri

    Urgent Help Required N400 N445

    I would not wait posting question here and waiting for replies. This matter should be discussed with an experienced immigration attorney. Hope everything goes on well and you don't get back to Udta Punjab.
  4. gajbaldauri

    K1 & K2 visa

    Forget about that I129f petition and start planning for CR1. Fire that lawyer of yours and do it on your own. I never trust them, specially in India where they purposely create problems just to get more money out of the clients. I have had personal experience with the lawyers over there. The forms and the process is pretty straight forward. Just do your research and you will get CR1. If you keep running after your I129f petition then you will loose more time.
  5. Most likely, it is a Glitch. It has happened before to many people.
  6. I applied in May, 2018 and still did not hear anything back. Be patient!
  7. I think it's a Stokes Interview. There is no other reason to call you guys again when both of you were interviewed already. Why were you guys making comments at each other? Some officers become suspicious when people get too friendly or too relaxed. Take it seriously this time and just answer the questions and try not to act like as if you are there to meet a friend.
  8. What color form did you receive?
  9. gajbaldauri

    B2 Overstay / 212 D 3 Waiver

  10. All the information is given in this forum. You need to look for it and do your own research.
  11. In simple words, your money can't help you in this case. Either follow the law of the land or face consequences later.
  12. People like them makes it difficult for other people's family to get a Tourist Visa . I hope one day USCIS will do something about people who bring their relatives on tourist visa and apply for their green card.
  13. You and papdi get married anywhere you can or want and then apply for CR1 visa.