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  1. I've had some very good medical care in Russia, too. I always paid out of pocket. We're talking serious acute illnesses. I can say the care I got in Russia was comparable, in some ways, better than for similar illnesses here in the States that I had in the past decade.
  2. This site was incredibly useful for us 15-ish years ago as we got married and she came to the USA. I've done the career thing and will soon retire. What's good for the goose (living in the USA during my career) is good for the gander (returning to Russia when not constrained by work to live in the States). So we're looking at a return this year or the next or surely the one after that. Starting to plan, that is. I'm wondering if there are others here who've come this far in the journey and getting ready for an adventure like we face? We've lots of practical questions, often the reverse of those often asked here. Cheers!
  3. Anyone know about new registration requirements for Russian citizens returning to RF from abroad? Are there exit restrictions?
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