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  1. Moonspell360

    Can I translate birth certificates from US?

    She inherited a Beauty Salon from her Grandmother her boyfriend has been working for 5 years as a chef at a restaurant, they just want to visit us, not planning on overstaying
  2. Moonspell360

    Can I translate birth certificates from US?

    Someone close to the family, that's why I'm asking, I don't really want to mess up things filing out unnecessary paperwork.
  3. Moonspell360

    Can I translate birth certificates from US?

    She is 19 with a 8 months old baby and her boyfriend, they are applying for a tourist visa to stay with us for about 3 months, I heard affidavit of support is important to prove they are Goin to be supported financially while they stay here
  4. Moonspell360

    Can I translate birth certificates from US?

    What about affidavit of support? I already sent her all my bank statements and proof of work also w2
  5. Moonspell360

    Can I translate birth certificates from US?

    US tourist visa, are you sure birth certificate translation is not necessary?
  6. My wife's daughter is applying for tourist visa and needs birth certificate to be translated from Spanish to English, can I as Co sponsor translate her birth certificate from here, sign the translation, scan it and send it back to her? I'm worried about they really need the original signature.
  7. She has been dating this guy for about 2 years, so she might prove the marriage is legit. I think the problem is that she got married right after her visa expired
  8. A friend of mine has been living here in US as a tourist, her tourist visa expired a fe months ago, now she is married to an American citizen. What kind of paperwork does she have to fill out to apply for legal status?
  9. Just sent the package through usps but I forgot the: ATT : I-751 in the address section, is it really bad? Will that mistake delay the process? My wife visa expires in a month and stuff like this may delay the whole process.
  10. Instead of the joint account what Im doing is printing the money transfers we have been making to each other for the last 2 years, hopefully that helps. Thanks for your help!
  11. Thanks for your reply, I will consider that then
  12. We have almost everything ready to send to uscis, the only thing we don't have are the joint bank accounts (big mistake we know) and we really think is too late for opening one. Also, we don't have children (my wife can't get pregnant) the question is: should we tell them the reason why we don't have a bank account with both names? And why we decided not to have children? So they don't expect us to provide proof about it? We have insurance with both names, two cars with both names, we rent an apartment with both names on the lease. Chats, Facebook screenshots, individual credit cards with the same address, bank accounts with the same address, about 60 photographs, health insurance with both names, what else can we provide to them? Please help! I feel so desperate