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  1. Hi - I am not sure what the application is suggesting to you. My marriage is 4 years old but I had to provide residence, employment, and travel for 5 years. I would provide all the details honestly.
  2. Yeah I submitted my app 3-4 days ago. I submitted it as-is. Even I noticed the same thing in the pdf application.
  3. Submitted my N-400 application on Feb 14th with I-751 pending since November 2017.
  4. Hi everyone, I am a Nov 2017 ROC filer. I have had no updates on the GC app at all. No transfer, No RFE. I applied for N-400 on Feb 14th. Got a notice today that my biometrics has been scheduled. I believe my local office would be NYC. How do you find out what local office is it?
  5. Around 25 are transferred and 16 are in the local office. The graph could be counting it incorrectly. I would assume these are late October and November filers. I will not speculate the process. It’s taxing!
  6. Saw a lot of traction today in my group (~150 cases) EAC1804700xxx
  7. Saw a lot of traction yesterday within my group EAC1804700xxx
  8. Thanks, Dilip. Hope it comes through in Feb/March. I am submitting the N-400 tomorrow. I got a letter today that my new USCIS address is updated so that makes it easier. If the info pass is hard to get, is 1 month still good enough (fingers crossed I don’t need to)
  9. My 18 months will be done in July. When is the right time to get the stamp?
  10. That’s great I am also EAC1804700xxx
  11. There has been no movement on my case as well as 10 cases above me. All others are getting approved left and right. I am an EAC filer and last movement was in April 2018. Since I was in middle of changing houses I didn’t submit my N400. Going to do that this weekend.
  12. Correct. I have heard issues entering Mexico via airports
  13. Has anyone of you visited any of this carribean islands or Mexico on the extension?
  14. Thanks! Yes - good luck to everyone. I am positive!