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  1. One question for those who travel recently for the first time with permanent residence visa. How long did it took to go through custom and border protection at the airport? I have two flight opción: 1- a flight with a 3 hrs layover 2- a flight with a 11 hrs layover thanks in advance
  2. My mom has her interview on July 27th in the DR but her co sponsor hasn’t filled the 2020 taxes yet. She only has the 2019. What can she do in that case? Won’t that be an issue?
  3. I’m I allowed to do that? Won’t that delay the case?
  4. Hello everybody! I sent an expedite to NVC for my parents in the DR on April 10 after that I they sent me an email back on April 24 saying that my case was under review an that only the embassy in DR can make the decision. I’m still waiting for the decision and I think that for an expedite it’s taking way too long but i don’t know for sure. I call them 5 days ago and they told me that if I haven’t heard anything back from them is because the embassy hasn’t reply back to them. Any suggestions?
  5. I even call NVC on Thursday and they told me that is the embassy in the DR that hasn’t responded
  6. Waooo what a great news! good look for your parents at the interview 🙏🏼 and Congratulations again 🎉 🎊
  7. Congratulations 🎉🎊 im still waiting🤷🏻‍♀️ Thank you for keeping me posted!
  8. I hope that we can heard some good news from them very soon🙏🏼 please keep me posted. I’ll do the same PD sept 4, 2019
  9. I requested for an expedite from NVC for my parents they’re in the Dominican Republic. Does anyone knows how long is it take for they to respond? i send it on April 10th and on April 24 they sent me an email saying that it was under review and I’m still waiting 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Can someone Tell me how to add a derivate family member
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