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  1. In response to my inquiry, NVC sent me a letter stating "The NVC completed its processing of this visa petition, and forwarded it to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in MANILA PHILIPPINES ". The letter did not state the date the approval was sent to the embassy. My main concern is there is a spelling mistake(typo) in my middle name(petitioner). Should I call the NVC or Embassy Thank you all for the help
  2. Thank you all for the encouragement. I hope and pray that there is no problem! New website https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/users/sign_up Old website https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do
  3. My NOA2 was dated... July 12, 2018., I have the hard copy NOA2 dated 12, July 2018 Now my papers are at NVC. It reached NVC on July 24, 2018 I am concerned that I received the following Text this morning(July 27, 2018) Do I need to be worried? We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time We will notify you when your case status changes. We last took action on your case on July 13, 2018. Sign in
  4. "Got our NVC number yesterday... I read some samples of packet 3 and it mentioned regarding court records: if you have been charged with crime or other offence, obtained a certificate court record covering each offence... I had a case before and its a civil case..do i still need to get certificate that the case is over?! " Did you call NVC to get the #, or did they Email saying they received your approved petition?
  5. Received NOA2 dated July 12th, on 17 July 2018, Is there any way I may track and receive NVC case # online. Thanks for help
  6. Just received my NOA2, Notice date is 07/12/2018 Beneficiary's A No. A216 xxx xxx Is there is a link to check the progress? Help is appreciated? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, everyone for your good wishes. May you all have your NOA2s, soon.
  8. APPROVED on July 13, 2018, Updated on the new site today...NOA2 OLD Received Date: Jan 11, 2018 Old Notice Date: Jan 17, 2018...NOA1 New Submitted Date Jan 16, 2018 New Received date Jan 17, 2018 No text or Email, the Old site is not updated.
  9. "Name Was Updated" what does it mean? Congratulations
  10. To the best of your theories and knowledge. Most of us are in the dark
  11. Naes, Would you please create a flow chart of 129f, after NOA1, how a petition is handled? Many of us are confused. Thanks.
  12. Thank you all for the helpful info.
  13. I was wondering as to how the petitions are handled by the adjudicators after NOA1 and transfers. Are the adjudicators for the beneficiaries are country specific? Or the petitions are evaluated randomly, first come first served basis. The veterans of the forum may want to share their knowledge. Thanks.