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  1. My package was delivered July 19th. Last Friday I saw they cashed my check and I received my NOA1 this last Saturday!! Now the waiting begins.. my field office is at 33.5 months 🤯🤦🏻‍♀️
  2. Wow.. 4 times? Did you have to re do it for renewals ?
  3. Good morning! Yesterday I finally received the NOA for my I-485, EAD and advance parole! I still haven’t received NOA for the I-360. When they send my I-485 package back (I used old forms) I saw they had the wrong zip code for my po box. Since I moved out and no longer live with my husband I used my current address for the new forms. Should I send a change of address form the the I-360 and request a copy of the NOA? Do they send a copy of the NOA again? Also, does anyone know if I’ll have to do the biometrics again? I had it done before for my old EAD. Thank you. Now the waiting begins!!
  4. I can’t get any info about my case over the phone. Everything has to be in writing to the Vermont office! It’s a vawa application. So I’ll wait until next Friday and write to them if I don’t get any NOA!
  5. I filed in May, received the package back because I used old forms. It took until 07/15 to receive it back. Sent everything back to them on 07/17, they received on 07/19. Haven’t heard anything back yet.. no txt, no emails, check hasn’t been cashed yet.
  6. Hi guys, I need a little help. I just received my package back saying that mi I-485 was rejected. It took a long time to receive any news from them and I just saw that they had the zip code from my po box all wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyways, I can’t understand why it was rejected. Can someone shed some light into it for me? I filled together with the I-360, I-765. I received a package of the I-765 rejected too but nothing about the I-360. I plan on re-file everything tomorrow. Should I send a new I-360 too?? Please, any help is much appreciated!
  7. Thank you. I didn’t use a lawyer. No money and the probono ones were no help. If I don’t hear back in 2 weeks I’ll send another letter since I can’t get any info over the phone.. so frustrating!
  8. Thank you! I couldn’t find any probono lawyers to help me so I filled everything myself! I’m hoping to hear something back in the next week or two!! Do you happen to know the direct number to the vawa unit?
  9. Hello, My application was delivered to the Vermont office 05/09 and after 30 days I didn’t receive the paper receipt. So I called the number but when the lady looked up my info from my Alien number she said ”your file is Vermont and I can’t give you information, you need to write to them” so I wrote a notarized letter asking for copies of my receipt notices but so far nothing.. anyone has experience with this? How long does it normally take for Vermont to respond to letters? Thank you!!
  10. Renewals can take a long time to process too but 2 months without even a receipt is a little too much. Did your lawyer send it to the right place? Vermont?
  11. No my husband withdrew his I-130 so my I485 was denied and I had to file a new one 😞
  12. Good morning. they received my application on 05/10. No receipt or e-mail, text about my case yet. I’m hoping to get something until the end of the week but I have heard that it can take about 20 days to get receipts. Let’s keep each other posted!
  13. I understand your fear about the restraining order. I’m dealing with the same thing. I went to the courthouse and when they said I would have to stand in court next to him I knew that he would came after me after that. The restraining order is not forever. I did however moved out with my daughter so my husband doesn’t know where I am. Talk to your landlord, see if he/she will let you move out early. But if you are feeling in danger, find a new place and break your lease. Think about your safety and sanity first!
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