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  1. You are not supposed to pay. Is he sending the receipt from your I-485 with the application? It happened to me one time and I wrote a cover letter saying I didn’t have to pay since I had a pending I-485, included a copy of it and the page on their website that says those with pending I-485 don’t need to pay. They accepted it. or did you file I-485 with a fee waiver?
  2. Do you have a pending I-485? If so, there is no need to pay.
  3. Congrats! was this update for your I-765 or I-360?? I’m also a May 2019 filer!
  4. I received my NOA for my advance parole today but not the EAD.. I always got them on the same day in the past. Hopping to get the other one soon!!
  5. Anyone sent EAD/AP renewal lately? How long for receipts? my renewal package was received in Vermont on 06/29 and so far no NOA, no text, no email...
  6. Congrats! Do you mind sharing your timeline?
  7. Hi Sandra, thank you for answering me. I saw on the DHS website that American citizens and their immediate family could still travel to Brazil and come back. It’s very confusing..
  8. Question about the Covid travel ban. I have a pending I-360 and pending I-485. I have a travel planned to Brazil in October. I’m still legally married to my USC husband. My daughter who is also a US citizen will be traveling with me. Any chance we would face trouble coming back of should it be ok since I’m still a USC relative? I have a valid advance parole until 12/2020. All feedback is welcome. thanks in advance!
  9. I would apply for the EAD C09 category. You might be a year out for I-360 approval if you filed November/2019
  10. Congrats!! That is so great to see Feb/2019 approvals! Mine is May/2019. Haven’t heard of any interview waivers...
  11. My advice is, go to the court house and get some information there. If you have no kids and no house together (that you bought) should be a simple divorce that doesn’t necessarily need a lawyer.
  12. I believe this means your I-360 was approved. Congrats. when did you file?
  13. Oh I always thought it was a loan only. Too bad I don’t have my PF yet..
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