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  1. Hi,

    please how long does it take DHL to deliver passports back to owners?

    my visa was issued on 5th July this month and up to now I've not received any call or information from them? Any help would be much appreciated 

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    2. Iso12


      Thanks very much for your word but the dhl will never give you a call.. I went for my immigrant visa yesterday at the dhl. An advice to my fellow friends waiting for their passport with immigrant visa when you check your status and it shows issued calculate 2 weeks from the day it showed issued and go for your passport... let's say you checked your status on Monday and the status showed issued you have to wait for the following two weeks and go for it.. thanks very much for all your words and kind gesture.. getting ready to set off to USA 🔥🎉😊

    3. kingjulian


      Welcome to America 

    4. Iso12