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  1. It is a request for each one a payment for each one, in the I130 in part 5 they ask him if he is requesting another family member separately, there in his father he informs his mother and in the mother he informs the father the interview will be joint.
  2. The father who is abroad is the one who must go to the Colombian embassy to authenticate the signature and once the signature is authenticated, send the original to the father who is in Colombia to present it to the Colombian immigration authorities to authorize the departure from the country to the minor
  3. The fast way to do it is that you travel to Colombia and all 3 return is the only way that you do not need the permit, otherwise you must do the permit and authenticate the signature at any embassy or consulate of Colombia and you do not need an apostille. In the following link you will find the requirements and you can download the exit permit form for minors https://migracioncolombia.gov.co/subdireccion-de-control-migratorio/salida-de-menores-del-pais?highlight=WyJzYWxpZGEiLCJkZSIsIm1lbm9yZXMiLCJzYWxpZGEgZGUiLCJzYWxpZGEgZGUgbWVub3JlcyIsImRlIG1lbm9yZXMiXQ==
  4. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/nvc-timeframes.html
  5. Check well if you have not received the email requesting the sending of the passport and check in: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-co/iv If they have not requested it, they must be close to requesting the shipment
  6. You should put your accounts in order first so that you avoid further questioning when you have an interview, why do you think you were accused of a crime? Was she summoned for investigation? had a trial? was she detained?
  7. The denial of the f1 visa should not be any inconvenience for cr1 if I inform it when filling out the ds260
  8. I share this link for those who are in ap wsp https://chat.whatsapp.com/LBVjKWtAW4Q9UXyFYJtGHB
  9. I recommend to people who are close to an appointment not to do the tests with Dr. Roa, they are a complete disorder, they have few reagents for the urine test and they give preference to people who come from another country to do the complete tests . Colombians have to come back another day when they call that they have spare reagents to do the urine analysis, the two women who attend Adriana and Nubia there are super unfriendly, they treat people as if they were going to give them something for free. When the results are complete, they take too long to send them to the embassy, in my opinion they do not have enough staff to efficiently process all the people they attend and for this office they are leaving many people in 221g, the other authorized doctor Yes has everything, but when I spoke with them they explained to me that I could no longer change doctors that I had to finish the whole process with Roa.
  10. I got this information from the doctor's office Dear Applicant: The American embassy 2 weeks ago canceled the contract with the clinical laboratory that had been performing the examinations for more than 40 years, For this reason, the Atlanta CDC is looking for a new laboratory that meets the specifications and needs that the American government requires for the immigration process. So far they inform us that no earlier than 2 months it will be possible to take samples in the country. The embassy does not want people to miss their consular appointment and delay their processes further, even if they show up without exams. It is in your hands to make the decision to postpone or reschedule the medical appointment and only appear at the consulate, pending the taking of laboratories, for when it is already enabled. We look forward to your response and comments ONLY THROUGH THIS MEANS.
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