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  1. Good afternoon my time. For high fraud countries, when it comes to frontloading proof or relationship, do you have to provide chats from the very beginning of the relationship? or just a timeline of consistent communication is enough?
  2. when she comes, she'll stay for most likely a month.
  3. @Rocio0010 I hear you on that. which is why to be honest with you guys, aside meeting with her family and vice versa, i wanted to use her visit here to size both of us up. to see if we are compatible together for the long path of marriage. if we are, then we file for the i-129f after she goes back. if not, then i take a step back.
  4. she was supposed to come to Ghana sometime last year but it didn't come on. so this year will be our first face to face. however, we have a lot of video time together. the plan when she came this year was to introduce herself to her parents and mine. i have already spoken to some members of her family over the phone. and she has also spoken to some of mine.
  5. @RO_AH Thanks for the advise. I will discuss it with my girl. Then we take it from there.
  6. @Jorgedig I learnt that with the CR-1, it could take years before it goes through in Ghana here. and our best shot would be the K-1. plus marrying on her first visit after we started our relationship would raise an eye brow? one thing i suppose works in our favor is that we don't have a big age gap between us.
  7. @carmel34 her divorce got finalized in 2020. our online relationship begun in 2021. i didn't know her prior to when we met on Facebook. and it wasn't her first husband that brought her to the US. she came on a visitors then enrolled in a school. she then got her visa extended. it was then she met her ex and they fell in love and got married. during all this, i had no idea who she was.
  8. @Lady A, if you don't mind me asking. what's the age difference between you and your significant other?
  9. i just made an account to ask this question since it's been on my mind a lot. my fiancée and I have been together since 2021. she's 31 and I'll be 29 this year. she is a citizen through naturalization, is divorced. i have never been married and we both have no kids. we have text and WhatsApp call logs and video call logs to back it up(though not from the time we met as I had to create a new fb account). she's staying by herself and is not a burden to the state in anyway and can sponsor me. i guess my only concern is face time together. we are both from Ghana, from the same tribe and have a lot in common however, she doesn't come down often. The last time she was in Ghana was some years ago. we do however plan on her coming early this year. we plan on going to see her parents to introduce myself to the family and make it known that i am in her life. no form of traditional marriage whatsoever. we figured we can do that down the line. we might file for the i-129f after she leaves back to the states. she might be staying for 3 weeks to a month. if finances allow, maybe more than a month. my question is, is the one visit to Ghana where we can provide passport stamps and hotel stay and pictures of face to face with both sides of the family enough for proof of a bone fide relationship? do we have a good case? because I read on here how Ghana is a hard embassy and it's filling me with dread. stay safe out there guys.
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