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  1. Just my input here. My Wife took on my last name when we got married 4 years ago, and since then has travelled back to China multiple times, as well as a recent 3 week trip to South America. Her Green Card is in her Married name, her Passport and Visa are in her Chinese name. She always keeps a copy of our Marriage Certificate with her, and has experienced no problems domestic, or abroad. Everyone else's experiences will differ, but she has not experienced any problems. She even recently got a Travel Document (because her Passport was stolen), and then replaced her Passport. The were no problems, or delays due to the different names on the documents.
  2. For note, we just finished this process, we had to get our state's department of state to notarize our US marriage certificate, we had to get the US State Department to Notarize it, as well as getting the Chinese Embassy in DC to notarize it. The process is finished, and we are now waiting for the final notarized document to be returned in the mail.
  3. For China, it's only 125% of the federal poverty level. The numbers you want to look at are listed here. https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p Sorry for the short response I'm on my phone right now. And as C90 said. It's a general standard, and not country based.
  4. So I recently made this post in an existing thread over in the CFL forums, and thought maybe we should have something similar started here, as not everyone from VJ is on CFL and vise versa. ------------------------------------------------------------------ After recently finishing our interview (04-05-2016), I thought I would provide a suggestion for a Hotel in the area. When we stayed in Guangzhou, we stayed at the Bolin International Apartments. 地址:广州天河区珠江新城花城大道16号铂林国际公寓(或者是:名门大廈建设银行) Bolin International Apartment Address: 16 Huacheng Ave, Tianhe, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China The accomodations were nice, clean, and comfortable. The nightly expense was approximately 150元 and the walk to the consulate only took 10 minutes at best. Right outside of the Hotel front door are 2 restaurants that serve delicious food (I cannot remember their names to save my life, and to satisfy your western taste buds, there is an Irish Pub located around the corner (McCawley's Irish Bar) The Route in Red is the path I took to go to the Consulate as it allowed me to get a cup of coffee as I waited outside for her.
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