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  1. @AZSunshine78 Good Afternoon. Some updates for you: Just called NVC. Petition was received. No case # assigned. Was told between today - 24 JAN will be generated. Inputted info into spreadsheet. Official inquiry made last FRI but now moot. Most importantly, thank you. I found my way to the other discussion. I truly hope you will get word soon. I believe you will.
  2. Looks like we have the same NOA2 date. I'd say we're in the same boat, dude.
  3. Wanted to say thanks to everyone posting in here. My NOA2 was 22 NOV 2017 and just passed the 6-week window. It's really comforting to find this support during this time. Thanks again.
  4. Do you have any written guidance on this? I'm in the same boat with Wel1114. Was that requested from the Embassy/Consulate once they receive the package?
  5. stevo215

    Scheduling via interview before packet 3,4

    @WandY You mentioned that you attended the interview but to clarify did you get to sit-in on it? I thought only the beneficiary is only allowed? I would like to go too if possible. I wasn't sure about this.