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  1. Hi All, We are having a debate and hoping someone can help. You are all so helpful so I know you can. 🙂 My wife is a Green Card holder and we are waiting for removal of conditions (slow process). We have 1 of her children with us (under 21 and came over on a K2). She has two other children over 21 and single in the Philippines. Is she considered a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) or does she have to wait for removal of conditions to be considered an LPR? If she is an LPR, than based on my reading of the I-130 instructions, she could petition her two other children over 21 (we thought we she had to wait to be a citizen). Thanks again. Charlie
  2. Hi All, I was looking for some clarification on when my wife can file for citizenship. She came over on a K1 Visa and now has a Green Card (received in July 2016). We have filed for removal of conditions in 2018 and as it is for everyone else, the process has been delayed up to 18 months. We have received the letter so we are patiently waiting. No issues there. However, my wife will have her Green Card 3 years as of July 2019 at which time the conditions will not have been removed. We are expecting the conditions to be removed near the end of 2019 based on the extension letter. My question is: Can we file for citizenship after she has been here 3 years or do we have to wait for the conditions to be removed before we apply? Thank you all for your help as always. Charlie
  3. My stepson has an interview next week and we had all of his medical info, but we just realized that the I-693 is needed and the sealed results provided. My question is, should we cancel the interview and reschedule or go to the interview and send the results once we have them? Thanks, Charlie Sorry, forgot to mention that the interview is for his Green Card w/ Conditions. Thanks
  4. cdctke

    How to Speak to a Human at USCIS

    Thank you thank you.... this was so helpful. Too bad they make it that difficult to talk with someone.
  5. Hi All, I just received my stepson's I-797-C (it took a year). We moved back in July from AZ to IL and I updated my address on the USCIS website with the new information. Apparently it was ignored because the I-797C was sent to the old address and then forwarded to my current address. However, the Interview is scheduled back in AZ. I just tried calling USCIS but looks like their day is over so I will have to attempt tomorrow. Any idea 1.) if they will reschedule here in Chicago and 2.) how long of a delay would it add? Thanks, Charles
  6. Thanks Hank. Yes, both my step-sons arrived after their mom. Sounds like we just sit and wait. :-(
  7. My Step-sons' status for their I-485 is that the case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. It has been this status since June 6th. Seems a bit long and was checking to see if anyone else is in a similar position. Thanks.