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  1. Im from Portland OR, it changed last nov 7 to ready to be scheduled
  2. yeah I was held for two months because of sputum at slec. Good thing it was negative, smooth sailing after that. I do remember you Sarge, i am glad your fiance/wife is here in the US now too. I remember it was a long waiting for noa2 for you guys.
  3. hahaha, i know its funny, but this time i checked like 10x to be sure hahaha!
  4. Woohoo! Good news today. Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview! This time it is our Case number! Receive date Sept 9 Bio Sept 30
  5. I know, I got all excited and saw my case on the site that needs additional code that its still at 'case received' but old site says fingerprint review completed. hahaha. ohwell!
  6. im so dumb, It wasn't my case number, I missed a single digit. I was looking at someone elses. ;( Btw, which site you guys are using to look at cases? The old https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do, or my.uscis.gov?
  7. Thanks alot of this response! I shall give them a call
  8. Hey guys, I found this status this morning. I am not sure what this means, or if something is wrong? Any idea?
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Status changed to 'Finger review was completed' yesterday, so I guess I passed biometrics?
  10. Hello everyone, Just had my biometric today, my left and right smallest finger failed to be scanned, the lady said it should be fine as they couldnt do anything about it, she said my prints are blurry(?). Anyone had the same problem and still got fingerprint review completed? Thank you!
  11. We are about to file AOS. My husband is delayed in paying taxes and owes the IRS. We only have a copy of his 1040 and Schedule C for the past 3 years since he is self employed. Would this be sufficient?
  12. Thank you Hank, I am actually applying for State ID right now and I dont have a greencard yet, only marriage cert, should I follow my married name or just use my maiden name instead, since all documents I will show are in my maiden name.
  13. Yeah it does make it easier to follow what the US wants, I mean as long as we can travel back to PH using our maiden names in our passport of course.
  14. Yeah I wonder if I just drop my maiden name and follow the US way, how would that work if I want to renew my PH passport.
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