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  1. Actually, something changed, I quit my job recently and what's on DS160 is I still have a job. Would that mean I have to do DS160 again?
  2. Thanks for this Hank. Sorry. I had B1 interviews before and they always asked for DS160 confirmation, so I just wanted to know if K1 doesnt ask this. And I got my answer. thanks! Also I reschedule this appointment because of sputum and had a filled out ds160 like 3 months ago, do I need a new one?
  3. Actually I did, I am just curious if DS 160 confirmation number isn't asked for immigrant visa. Because the warning is there even if I was applying for immigrant visa.
  4. these are the only information when trying to update my profile.
  5. I saw this warning when scheduling my visa interview. Attention: Please note, it is vital that you provide the valid and correct DS-160 confirmation number when you schedule an appointment. If the confirmation number is invalid or incorrectly entered, you will not be admitted to the interview and you will be required to book a new appointment. When applying as part of a family or group, make sure that each applicant has correctly provided their individual DS-160 confirmation number when scheduling their appointment. So I paid my interview fee via BPI online. I printed the appointment confirmation page and it only has the UID. I blocked out information.I've had visa interviews before but they weren't paid online and the DS 160 confirmation number was in that row together with the UID. Am I doing something wrong? where should I input my DS 160 confirmation number?
  6. wasp8898

    Affidavit of Support for self employed - K1 Visa

    I understand that the tax transcript is an unknown variable right now, so we will just provide tax returns and hope to God that would be enough. Thank you so much for the insight as always!
  7. Hello, This might have been asked before but want to make sure what to do best for our situation. My fiance is self-employed and have made a constant income (above poverty) but fell a couple of years behind in taxes. He is in the middle of settling back taxes and have recently filed all his returns that were behind with large payments. He filed an extension for his 2018 return but should have that completed before the interview (we plan to schedule an interview by the first week of May). He will still owe some back taxes at the time of the interview but with all his returns filed and significant payments towards what is owed. Please correct me if I am wrong, but we can't possibly get a tax transcript with his situation before our planned interview, right? Will the filed tax return suffice for the interview? Thank you for the insight!
  8. wasp8898

    B1 Visa denied

    Just want to share my experience with applying and getting denied a B1 visa, I applied for a B1 for a 3-month long training in the US. I got denied, consul told me to get an H3 (Trainee) visa. Which my company did for me and got approved for H3.
  9. wasp8898

    Latent TB k1 Visa

    Thank you! This is very helpful
  10. If you are found to have latent TB during the 2-month culture. Do you still have to undergo the 6-month treatment? Thank you!
  11. wasp8898

    1040 no longer accepted?

    Im sorry, does this affect K1's as well? My fiance is just about to file his 2017 & 18 taxes (and he will owe taxes), and from what I read, it takes weeks before the transcript is available.
  12. wasp8898

    Old x-ray films for SLEC medical

    Thank you very much Hank!
  13. Hello everyone, Just want to ask if its okay not to bring any medical history record like previous X-ray results for SLEC medical? I have done regular check ups for work but my current company isn't releasing the records to us(for some strange reason). Thanks!
  14. Hey everyone, finally filling out DS-160. I have a question. I am currently employed right now, but will be quitting my job before the interview will take place. Should I still put my current employer on the DS 160 form? thanks!
  15. Oh wow, this is very helpful. thanks! Really got the answer I need.