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    Joburg girl meets upstate NY boy in local summer camp bar, they fall in love and date for a year and half long distance, well most the time the in the US. They get engaged in January while girl is covered in the Chicken pox.
    Plaaning on getting married in September, here in SA, thats the first wedding. A repeat preformance for the US family next year March. Once all the paperwork has been done and approved.

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  1. Hi, I am currently filling out the I-130 to sponsor my mom to come to the USA from South Africa. I have 2 questions regarding the form. Part 2. Information about you (petitioner) It asks for parents information, do I still list my dad's info even though he passed away a few years ago? I'm assuming yes, but just want to confirm (My mom is the beneficiary I am filing for.) My second question is that my mom is a dual citizen with the UK. She has passports for both the UK and SA. She was born in SA and still lives there. When it asks for the beneficiary's passport number, I'm assuming I would enter her SA number, as that is the country where she is currently "located" and lived all her life - correct? Again just wanting confirmation. Thank you all in advance.
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