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  1. I was able to respond with a Proof of Registration of Birth document, Baptism Certificate and Affidavits of Birth. The cases have now been approved. Surprisingly, They reviewed the RFE response and approved within 1 day - I thought there was going to be a long wait.
  2. Priority Date: 11-07-19 Potomac Service Center Received RFE yesterday stating late registered birth certificate. Birth certificate submitted was an unabridged version that was printed in 2014. No dates on certificate indicating when the birth was actually registered, so I guess that is what caused the RFE.
  3. They have updated the processing times again for Potomac today. It looks better now. Back to 7-9 months for IR-5
  4. When checking the status of an I-130 on my.uscis.gov I have noticed that the date for the “In Process” status has changed. It previously indicate a date in November 2019. It now reflects a January 2020 date. Everything else has remained the same. Only the date changed. Does anyone have any idea on why that date changes and if there is any significance to this date changing?
  5. Hi all, I filed for both my parents. Sent to Texas Lockbox Sent: 11/6 Received: 11/7 Credit Card charged: 11/13 Online account notification (mail): 11/17 NOA1 Received in mail: 11/18 Being processed by Potomac Service center with priority date of 11/7
  6. I put “To be determined” in that field based on other replies I found on these forums.
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