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  1. Hello guys I am just curious about the case status. Does the estimated processing time mean Completion of the case(oath) or just the time until interview?
  2. Excellent Adnan. You have shut many mouths
  3. I know it has been discussed extensively but I did not find any information about the ROC applicants
  4. Will Public Charge Rule affect Removal of Condition applicants?
  5. kamrankhan

    N400 and i751

    What if the OP files for n400 now and n400 processing time in his field office is less than ROC? Will, they wait for ROC first and then will work for n400?
  6. kamrankhan

    Buffalo Field Office

    Does this fasten the naturalization process? For example, if you get n400 interview 4 months after filing, you still wait for the process of i751 to be completed in its usual time (18 months) and then you will get citizenship?
  7. kamrankhan

    Buffalo Field Office

    Well, I just asked the counter guy.
  8. Hey guys. Does Buffalo field office do combo i751 and n400 interviews or not? Also, have anyone of you any experience about n400 if i751 still pending? I went there and the person on counter advised me not to file n400 as it will delay my i751 significantly. In Washington state,IO told me I should file. I do not know whom to believe. It is just confusing
  9. kamrankhan

    Tao apply or not to apply?

    The question is should I even apply when I am living apart from my wife. Reason being my school. Should I attach a letter from my school? Has anyone experienced with this thing?
  10. kamrankhan

    Tao apply or not to apply?

    TM.Thanks for the reply but problem is that I am not dependant on my parents as says the link you attached.So how can I apply in Arizona then?
  11. Hello guys. I will be eligible for naturalization in two months time with my I751 still pending in CSC. Should I apply or wait for the decision on ROC first? My ultimate goal is naturalization. I am getting contrasting answers from everyone. One Field office is saying I should file as it will make my application faster while another office is just telling me the opposite. Another thing is that I am a student and studying in Illinois while my family is based in Arizona. Where should I apply? Can I apply in Arizona where I am resident of or in Illinois where I am studying? My wife is a US citizen while I am the beneficiary. Only sincere and honest replies are requested.
  12. I am really dejected by the response on this forum. I thought that here I will get prompt help or answers about my problem. But no one is ready to tell anything. Awful
  13. oh.so what was the conclusion?
  14. Guys I have been hearing about Trump's new policy to limit citizenship for legal immigrants. Can anybody tell whether it will include those who remove conditions? I am very tense as I used health insurance for 5 months from the marketplace