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  1. Hi Jimmy, 

    Had interview this morning. 30 mins no problems.  She said she looked before the interview and didn't think there would be a problem but she would have to look for another review this afternoon.  At 130pm i look at it said approved. So happy

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    2. ERFandPRW


      That  should be local post office

    3. Jimmyjimjim


      I think that there's only a couple of extra days involved in doing it via the post office - the delay in shipping it to the state department; they ship it back directly.


      Certainly nothing significant.


      I handed in my original certificate at the post office - I don't think the state dept. will accept a photocopy (the post office made a copy, I believe).

      They sent me back the original certificate a couple of days after I received my passport.

      I've not made any copies of mine, except for a scan of it.


    4. ERFandPRW
  2. Hi all, My interview is on 31st October Denver. My curiosity has me asking...on the civics questions lets say your unsure on a question and don't give an answer are you allowed to go back to it at the end if you haven't reached the 6 correct answers and give an answer after thinking about it. ???? Hope to hear from anyone with insight. Regards Phil
  3. Update all. I filed june 11th and my interview is 31st October. So about 4 1/2 months . Shocked at how quickly i got that as online it says estimated completion time june 2020. Good luck to everyone, Phil
  4. Hi Jimmy jimjim,ccZ

    I am a fellow brit and just recieved #'my citizenship intervieca. ,cw date 31st October.  I noticed you have just had yours and the oath ceremony (many congrats). I would if you have time love to hear about your interview..questions asked ,did they ask for anything  like joint bank statements etc ( fed up with collecting those etc) i see on form they want old passports  but do they actually ask for and look at them ? I have my first and current one but lost the 2nd. Also my interview is 7.30 am lets hope the io doesn't wake up on wrong side of bed. 

    Again many congrats, 


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    2. ERFandPRW


      Thanks Jim for your insights. 

      I plan to take copies of everything( 2 binders) i sent for the r.o.c. which was approved in june. Also a few bank statements, mortgage statements, random payslips from wife and i showing same addresses,  birthday cards, wedding anniversary cards etc from 2015 to present, new car title deeds both our names and a photo album from 2015 to present.  Tbh if they think thats not enough well .... plus also the usual tax returns,  etc

      I read different things on same day oath ceremony,  some say it may happen but to be honest after all the years to be at this point if i have to wait a few more weeks it wont be a big deal.

      Thanks again,


    3. ERFandPRW


      Thanks again,

      I feel same way, if approved i will only have the 10 year green card less that 6 months and after more that 2years of making hundreds of copies of everything ( almost making me ocd lol) i feel like the green card is mine to keep . I know we have to give everything back but to me the ead, 2 year gc and the 10 year g.c. were all important landmarks /stages of the process and i would have liked to have kept as souvenirs.  They could punch holes in them like expired driving licenses rendering them unusable so we could keep. But im so excited to be nearer the end and shredding all the hundreds of bank statements,  utility bills etc. I will let you what happens in a few weeks.

      Best wishes, 


    4. Jimmyjimjim


      Yes, I'm waiting for my US passport (and updating my SSN once I get the certificate back), then I'm going through and disposing of a LOT of bills, receipts, proof of living here, etc for the last decade.

      I was going to buy a larger fire safe, but I suspect I'll have more than enough space once I've cleared out all the cruft.


      For me, the oath ceremony wasn't a big deal - like you say, there's been enough large milestones along the way - US Embassy interview for the L1-B, L1-B approval, L1 extension, H1-B in abbeyance, PERM approval, AOS via I-485, 'card production ordered', etc, that to me, the N-400 interview was the last major hurdle.   The oath ceremony itself was almost just a handover of the paperwork.   I'd have been happier just to get the naturalization certificate at the end of the interview and called it good.


      I suggested that they encase the GC in plastic so it could be used as a paperweight - I'd have been very happy to have it.


  5. Hi Stac, Wow thats great... i filed online june 11th so fingers crossed i may get lucky like you and hear something before end of the year. Good luck at the interview. Please let me know how it goes and the questions they ask . Good luck , Phil
  6. Hi all, I filed n400 online june 11th, had biometrics and estimated completion date of may 2020.. Evidence sent Marriage certificate, Spouse previous marriage divorce certificate. 10 year green card front and back. Tax returns last 4 years. Spouse passport page. Updated police certificates. Additional evidence sent Joint car title deed on new car. Title deed new house. Most recent mortgage statement. Was thinking of adding ... Photocopies of our driving licenses side by side with the 3 different physical addresses we have lived at. A page with 4 bank debit cards showing joint accounts. A page showing photocopies of our credit cards ( me as authorized user). Should i upload copies of living will, medical power of attorney etc.??? Also i am printing off monthly mortgage statements, excel statements and bank statements (every few months). Should i upload these or just take it all along with the r.o.c. evidence in folders to the interview. I applied within a couple of weeks of r.o.c. approval how much paperwork do they want????? Ty for all and any advice... So happy to be nearing the finishing line. Philip
  7. Congrats. I filed june 11th . Had biometrics today. Just curious ... whats your local field office ?
  8. Many congrats. I filed n400 last Monday 6/ 11 and have already received a notification that my biometrics appointment letter has been sent. Filed online ( already received in mail receipt for n400 fee) but biometrics appointment hasnt appeared on online yet..
  9. Ty one last question . I have minor criminal record from uk do i need new police certificate before i file online n400 or will the one from r.o.c. still be ok and get a new one for citizenship interview?
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