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  1. Filing joint might have increased your return as long as your husband did not have income above a certain thresh hold. When filing jointly the non-American spouses foreign income does have to be recorded in the 1040 but most of the time you can claim a foreign income exclusion to where you do not have to pay taxes on that income.
  2. My wife's ITIN arrived in the mail last week. I had responded to the CP566 with two copied of her passport; one notarized by the same US consulate that notarized the copy the first time around and another certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan. The documents I sent the second time around were sent back separately a few days after the ITIN arrived. The copy of the passport I sent the first time around never made it back.
  3. Tax transcript for the year 2018 or the year 2019?
  4. Is ds 5540 still a thing? I have not been following all the lawsuits around Public charge and was wondering if anyone here knew something. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/update-on-public-charge.html
  5. Same for Islamabad. The embassy is only processing emergency visas and cases already in AP.
  6. Correct. If they file you as Married filing single you can amend your return using her SSN.
  7. You don't need an ITIN when your spouse enters the USA. She can apply for a SSN at that point.
  8. Re-filing does not sound like a great idea as they already got a tax return from us. I can't really find anything on what will happen to that return if the W7 ends up getting rejected? https://www.irs.gov/individuals/understanding-your-cp567-notice The lady I talked to on the phone (the helpful one) said since this is an application for a new ITIN they would process my return after making some changes. I don't know if I should believe her. She was friendly and helpful but that doesn't mean she know exactly what she was talking about. I like this idea. The problem with this idea is, possibly no tax transcript. The people at my embassy like tax transcripts more than the tax return documents (the 1040 form does not guarantee your taxes were accepted). I was worried if I would be able to file my 2020 return if something was wrong with my 2019 return. It doesn't seem like I am prohibited from filing a current year's returns if I had not filed in the past. That is not an issue. I might have have to sent a written request saying I don't want to file jointly with my foreign spouse. https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/nonresident-alien-spouse#:~:text=If your spouse is a,must complete Form SS-5.. This is assuming the scenario where my wife is not in the country by April 2021. We don't have state taxes here in Texas. The Cp566 is the first document I received from IRS since I mailed my return in March.
  9. That's what the IRS faq page, and the 2 agents I talked to said. What is the alternative? I have been scouring the internet to find information on whether there is process for getting a certified copy of the Pakistani passport from the issuing agency but to no avail.
  10. I filed for my wife's ITIN by sending in a form W7 alongside my Tax Return. We used a copy of my wife's passport, attested by the US consulate in Karachi, as an identity document. We received the following notice. I called the IRS twice and both times was told they could not give me information on my wife's w7 unless I had signed on it as her delegate. I had not. I will ask her to call them tomorrow (she is sleeping right now, time zones, fun) The first lady didn't say much and I didn't have great questions. I asked the second lady what would happen if I failed to send in the correct supporting documents (didn't send them or sent the wrong ones). She said they would change things on my return and file it MFS. Was she correct? Would the IRS just file my taxes MFS if I can't get the right documents (I would not mind this). Less of a refund but I don't think I owe anything (I calculated my taxes single also). https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/itin-updated-procedures-frequently-asked-questions The US consulate notarized my documents which is probably why they were rejected. Does anyone know where I would get my wife passport certified (she is in Pakistan)? According to IRS: I don't feel great about having my wife send her passport in the mail, then me sending it to Austin. I would like to avoid that option. We are awaiting her interview as soon as the embassy in Islamabad opens (could be next month, could be next year) and would need here passport for that. I don't imagine getting a replacement passport would be an easy task if it gets lost in the mail. Any help, ideas would be appreciated.
  11. This is wonderful news. Hope you get to be with your husband soon.
  12. I applied for my wife's ITIN as part of my 2019 return (return and W-7 mailed March 10, ITIN not received yet). IRS deposited the stimulus money (just for me, one person) into my account on April 15th. My guess is they used my 2018 return (filed single with my SSN) to determine my eligibility as my 2019 return either got lost or has either not been processed yet(ITIN estimates the processing time for ITIN to be 9 to 11 weeks during peek season, no pandemic going on). Let's see if they make me return the money since my 2019 return will have an ITIN on it. I did not know about the ITIN restriction until I read a news piece about it on nytimes just now. The news piece is mostly about how the language of the bill is affecting people married to undocumented immigrants but seems it'll affect the documented as well.
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