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  1. I applied for my wife's ITIN as part of my 2019 return (return and W-7 mailed March 10, ITIN not received yet). IRS deposited the stimulus money (just for me, one person) into my account on April 15th. My guess is they used my 2018 return (filed single with my SSN) to determine my eligibility as my 2019 return either got lost or has either not been processed yet(ITIN estimates the processing time for ITIN to be 9 to 11 weeks during peek season, no pandemic going on). Let's see if they make me return the money since my 2019 return will have an ITIN on it. I did not know about the ITIN restriction until I read a news piece about it on nytimes just now. The news piece is mostly about how the language of the bill is affecting people married to undocumented immigrants but seems it'll affect the documented as well.
  2. Being alive is temporary. Some people live for a day (unfortunately) and others live past a hundred years. He did not define what he meant by temporary. Does temporary mean until Jan 2021, Jan 2022, Jan 2023, or you get the point?
  3. An excerpt from his tweet which has everyone worried, "I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States." It's clear as daylight. Embassies are closed already. He wants to slow down the process further, it seems. Maybe he should not use twitter to announce his policy decisions. I would much appreciate something more detailed. However, this is all we have to work with. How do you interpret this? What do you think he is saying or trying to say?
  4. It also, depends on where you are flying to\flying from. Some places will recover faster than others and will try to limit covid influx from places lagging behind.
  5. Which country is the application for? A number of embassies are cancelling immigrant and non immigrant visa interview appointments. Even if the embassy for your country is open things are just too unpredictable and fluid right now to predict anything.
  6. https://pk.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visa-inquiries/ Use this link
  7. I don't know. We'll try contacting them when it's time to make travel arrangements. The situation changes fast with this virus.
  8. My interview was scheduled for early April. I have not received any communication regarding my interview. I have not tried contacting the us embassy yet.
  9. The American news media is saying the same. Their lockdown worked out well for them.
  10. Can you share a screenshot of the email you received? You can hide an sensitive\personal information. It would be nice to see what is said exactly and who sent it.
  11. How did you find an email address for your embassy? I'm currently trying to find a way to contact the Islamabad Immigrant Visa department.
  12. I just filed a paper return along with an application for my wife's ITIN for the year 2019. Our interview is on April 6th so the 2018 returns are still valid I believe. My question is, would the embassy accept a copy of the tax return (with w2) in lieu of a transcript for the year 2019? Or should I just use the 2018 transcript. The transcript for 2019 won't be available for a while it seems. During peak season, IRS estimates 11 weeks to process the ITIN then another 6 weeks to process the return itself. This mean the transcript will be available 17 weeks from now, assuming I filed correctly, and they received\processed the documents without any issues.
  13. I did. I want them to be able to see my new return as well as I made more in 2019.
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