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  1. My wife has passed her interview and has only the oath ceremony to go. She said on the N-400 that she wanted to change her name. The interviewer at the citizenship test mentioned something about that (not sure what, she doesn't remember exactly) and she stated that she wanted to change it. However now she's changed her mind. Is it too late, or does the official paperwork etc. for the name change happen at the oath ceremony? Will the paperwork *at* the oath ceremony all be in the new name? Can she call USCIS and straighten it out beforehand? Thank you
  2. I had to send in the biometrics appointment letter twice with "reschedule" checked. The first time they sent a new letter soon after. The second time they did not. It's been a month and a half at least since I mailed in the letter. I can either show up for the original appointment (though I no longer have the original letter, because I mailed it), or I can just call them. What is suggested? And which office is the right one to call? Thank you
  3. I had this same fear. I posted threads on here that were removed by an admin, for some reason. So I saw a lawyer. I am NOT a lawyer. I can only tell you what the lawyer told me. He said it was no big deal. He said for the I-751, just be honest, and say where you've lived, why you've used other addresses (in my case it's because I use one address as my 'home base', always). I now file this form in the 30 day window like I'm supposed to (online, for both me and my spouse). But like I said, my prior lapse is supposedly no big deal, per my lawyer.
  4. Really? I'd heard (on here I think) that it's semi-involved and risky to reschedule. If it's easy, that's what we'll do.
  5. Looks like my suspicions were confirmed - there are issues with getting a timely biometrics appointment now. This is tricky for us because we want to leave the US for the summer. To wait, or not to wait, that is the question...
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