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  1. Take a look at the guides section at the top of the page on a computer. There are very good step by step guides on what needs to be done.
  2. This happens al, the time with some countries. There is little if anything you can do. It will take as long as it takes..
  3. Get with the senator for your district in Washington, D.C. They have people that can help. Ours helped us greatly with i90 issues.
  4. It can take up to 90 days from what I understand to review the info provided and act on it.
  5. Did you go to the Social security office and apply for the SS number it is not automatic to send you one.
  6. Please take a look at the guides at the top of the page. They will walk you through the next steps. https://www.visajourney.com/content/guides/
  7. Go on line and do a will and medical power of attorney. America the completed documents to a lawyer and get the looked at and notarized. This will help.
  8. When we did ours I submitted full certified copies of my 2 divorces, Not just a one page document.
  9. You need to submit evidence each form. As each form is processed in a separate area. Make multiple copy's of the evidence and submit them in each forms package. To prevent any delays.
  10. Sounds like there were issues with his electronic fingerprint pad. This is a part of the proceeds and must be done. Visas won't issue unless this box is checked on the forms. If he could not get tech support to fix it while you are there then you will need to go back. This is all part of the system and can not be short cutted.
  11. The DOS number is what you used to track your case once it left The Nvc. London should be LND and your number. Also I believe your a number is listes on your 797c paperwork.
  12. Bihar happen when you fill in the required info. Does the site give you error messages or anythin.
  13. They will hold the passport til the are done with what ever the AP is concerning has been resolved. They need the passport to issue the visa. You can request it back if it is needed to travel but it can delay the process.
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