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  1. How long after your passport arriving did you get your naturalization certificate/supporting documents back? I received my passport last week and I'm waiting for my certificate...
  2. Congrats! Did you get your naturalization certificate back? Trying to see how long it takes to get the certificate back. I'll be applying for my passport right after my oath ceremony next week!
  3. Update - I got a phone call today from USCIS and they rescheduled my oath ceremony (my cancelled oath was March 27th) to June 30th at the Federal Plaza. They told me to come wearing a mask, no guests allowed, bring green card and bring my own pen. The call was from a "no caller id" and she said that they are scheduling only 10 people at a time for the oath ceremony. She told me I should come even if I don't get the notice in the mail because it might take some time for me to receive it by mail. My USCIS account now shows that new oath ceremony was scheduled! Very happy to see that there is progress in NYC now.
  4. Has anyone here requested for I-751 card to be produced when the N-400 interview was approved at the same time? I was interviewed for both N-400 and I-751 back in March and got approved - my I-751 approval letter states that I won't be receiving a green card because I'll be scheduled for oath ceremony. I was scheduled for oath ceremony in March, but got cancelled because of covid-19. I'm wondering, with the uncertainty of the oath ceremonies, whether it's possible for me to ask USCIS to produce my green card since it has already been approved but they just haven't produced it yet?
  5. Ok. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who's experiencing it. Hopefully they fix it soon as it is supposed to be an internal error.
  6. I did - tried multiple different browsers, cleared cache/cookies, tried incognito mode. Still doesn't work.
  7. Does anyone else also have trouble with myaccount.uscis.gov? For the past few days, whenever I log in, I get a 500 Error message saying that the page that I'm looking for may not exist or is temporarily unavailable. I applied for N-400 last April (April 2019), have passed the interview, got scheduled for oath ceremony, which got de-scheduled because of the pandemic. Any thoughts/experience with this?
  8. If any of you had your oath ceremony cancelled, like mine (mine was on the 27th), have you received any notice on the website itself? I saw a descheduling notice on the documents tab, but I'm trying to figure out if I should see any status changes on the uscis.gov or dhs login websites - they currently both say that my oath has been scheduled. Thanks!
  9. Also quick question for everyone - did your online status change that the oath ceremony has been cancelled? Currently my online status on both DHS login and USCIS.GOV haven't changed (it still says Oath Ceremony Notice was Mailed and We scheduled your Naturalization Ceremony), but in my documents tab, I have the descheduling notice. Wanted to know if that's something that's supposed to change.
  10. Hi everyone - just spoke with USCIS officer who called me to let me know that my oath ceremony was cancelled. I asked her a few questions, which I think will be helpful (or maybe not) to this group: 1. When will the rescheduling happen? - Not sure yet but as soon as the office opens back up to the public, they'll try to reschedule everyone who had a cancelled ceremony. 2. Are we placed in the back of the line? or in the front of the line? - She said that everyone who got cancelled for their oath ceremony will be scheduled together as soon as possible - told me (my ceremony is in Manhattan) that there were few other ceremonies that got cancelled in addition to mine, so they'll try to reschedule us right away. Understandably, it seemed like she wasn't sure what was going to happen.
  11. Well seems like I don't have to worry about my oath ceremony anymore - USCIS cancelled all in-person things until April 1st for all of its offices.
  12. Anyone in here who has an oath ceremony coming up on March 27th in NYC (Manhattan)? I haven’t received any cancellation notices or phone calls yet but trying to see if others have...
  13. Anyone in here who has an oath ceremony coming up on March 27th in NYC (Manhattan)? I haven’t received any cancellation notices or phone calls yet but trying to see if others have...
  14. No I haven’t received any notices about cancellations but I am going to just assume that it will probably get cancelled and rescheduled. Where is your field office?
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