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  1. When exactly did you file? I filed via mail and my priority date/file received date is April 29, 2019, and I got the same estimate as you (case completion February 2020 and estimated wait time 6 months--January 2020).
  2. anyone in a similar situation? I'm a Vermont filer, filed end of April (April 24th), and got two updates yesterday on the DHS USCIS login/website. One was saying that my name was updated and another one saying that my "case was received at my local office." Based on looking around on VJ, it seems like the notification that case was received at local office is not a real notification, but wanted to see if anyone experienced something similar!
  3. So my priority date on NOA was 4/29/2019. I received my actual NOA on 5/28 and did my biometrics on wednesday (5/29). It now says my case completion date is in 12 months, so May 2020. That's what I expected the wait to be so I'm not really surprised.
  4. I received my receipt letter yesterday (with priority date April 29th!) and was able to set up an online account because I got a IOE receipt number. Quick question--can people see copy of their submitted application online, especially if you've submitted it on paper? In my documents tab, there is a section called "Your Uploads" and I only see a scan of all the evidence that was sent in, not my actual N-400. I'm sure they have it, since they wouldn't have given me the receipt number without my actual application, but was curious.
  5. What's your priority date in April? My priority date is April 24th and my case is at VSC too (not transferred). Mine says that my name was updated on May 9th.
  6. Yeah, I know. I'm also waiting for my I-751 to be adjudicated (filed in April 2018), so that has been a year and one month+ now.
  7. Just FYI, I received my text message just now telling me what my receipt number is. It took me 25 days, so hang in there!
  8. Just as an update, I finally got my text message that told me my receipt number! It has been 25 days since they received the application and was finally processed!
  9. If it makes you feel better, my N-400 application was received by the same lockbox (Lewisville address though because it was sent via FedEx) on April 29th and nothing has happened for me yet. No check cashed, no notification. I'm hoping that they'll do something about it sooner rather than later, because I'm definitely worried that it might have been misplaced or lost.
  10. Yeah I know. But trying to gather more information from other people in this forum since it's one of the more reliable ways to figure things out for a timeline rather than relying on my lawyer solely.
  11. Yes, my lawyer mailed it via FedEx so I have the FedEx tracking that says it was received and signed on April 29th by L. Sauls.
  12. Yes I know. I filed on paper because I'm using a lawyer because my work paid for my lawyer and my citizenship filing fee. So I would have liked to avoid the delay, but now it's too late.
  13. Just as an update, nothing has been processed yet (no check, no text message, no email). It's been 24 days since they received my application. I've contacted Lewisville lockbox through their email address and haven't heard anything back, and when I call USCIS, they told me that nothing has been processed yet. Please let me know if anyone else is in a similar boat!
  14. My application was received by Lewisville, TX lockbox on April 29 and I still haven't heard anything (check has not been cashed, no text, no email although we sent in the G-1145 form) and did not get any NOA. My lawyer told me that we should wait one or two more weeks to see if there's any progress, and then if not, put a stop payment on the check and apply online instead. Has anyone ever tried to put a stop payment/cancel the check? I researched around and some people say that if the check bounces, the application will just be considered withdrawn, while others say that if the check bounces, USCIS will still try to collect the payment from you plus cancellation fee (so then you end up paying double the fees if you file second time online). Any experience with this would be appreciated! Also, if you have recently filed with Lewisville, if you could share your timeline (how long it took to get check cashed and receive the NOA), that would be great as well!
  15. Priority Date 4/24/2018 Biometrics 6/11/2018 "Fingerprint Review was Completed" 6/25/2018 "Name was Updated" (this is because my lawyer sent an updated G-28 with new address for their office) 7/31/2018 "Name was updated" 05/09/2019 I received a random notification of name being updated last Thursday and have not heard anything since. Anyone else who received the notification that the name was updated?
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