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  1. Thanks for the advice, I'm thinking to apply after July 2019, so even if IO is not satisfied with 2016 residence status, I'll still have 2 year 1 day after that July 2017
  2. Sorry , I was not focusing in the physical presence part, was just answering someone question. About claiming residence in Canada, I became Canadian residence few years before US green card, in 2016 did my tax as resident in Canada, as well as in US ( immediate family was in US), 2017 filed tax as emigrant in Canada , resident in US. I was working for US public company's Canadian entity, and had re-entry permit.
  3. one should not jump to conclusion without knowing the facts
  4. minimum physical presence requirement is 18 months out of 3 years after getting green card. from Dec 2015 to July 2017 is - 1 year and half . As I mentioned I my visits to foreign country happened during that time.. from July 2017 to Jan 2019 is 18 months which satisfy the physical presence if I understand the rule correctly
  5. since July 2017 I'm in US, and I do have 18 months of physical presence . I am actually worried about what @HonoraryCitizen said, since I spent most of the days between Dec 2015 to July 2017 in Canada and was working there, continuous residency is a question here. I did have Reentry permit, although I think it does not count for continuous residency requirement. Should I just wait and apply using 2 years 1 day rule ?
  6. Right.. but my question is more related to how the short visit [ multiple absence less than 6 months] will affect my application? Has anyone went through similar situation and how was the experience.?
  7. Hi All, I have a question about continuous residency requirement- I received green card in December 2015. And from that time to July 2017 I was working in Canada, and visited USA regularly. During that time I didn't stay in USA more than 3 weeks at a time and most of my visit to Canada was for for 30/40 days except couple for 150 days. Now, USCIS rules are not very straight forward for breaking continuous residency , where it does say absence of more than 6 month ( 180 days) will break continuous residency and it is also mentioned in policy guidelines that - officer may also consider multiple short absence to determine continuous residency. wanted to ask you guys if anyone has experience for similar situation and/or some advice when I should be applying for citizenship [ p.s. 3 year rule applies to me] Thank you ..
  8. Hi All. I have some queries regarding physical presence requirement for citizenship application - My Spouse is US Citizen. so 3 year rule apply to me - I got Green Card in December 2015. but I was traveling back and forth between Canada and US for last year and half. I did have re-entry permit. and never stayed more than 6 month outside of USA at once. I came to USA every other month for work, vacation etc. never actually stayed more than 3 weeks at a time. I moved to USA permanently in July. I'm not sure how the physical presence rule will be applied to my case. Will I be considered resident for year and half. or not. Any suggestion. information is appreciated Thank you..