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  1. Thanks to those that have chimed in, just hard not to think if anything went wrong with the application.
  2. Thank you for the comforting words even though I'm still overthinking, lol..
  3. Thank you for sharing, mine specifically said that it was transferred so an interview can be scheduled:-(
  4. submitted everything joint-----bank accounts, credit cards, cable bills, gas/electricity bills, lease renewal, investment account with spouse as the beneficiary. But then, if there's not enough evidence, they should've issued a RFE first instead of going straight to interview stage? And why was the case not transferred to my NYC local office if interview is next?
  5. Thanks. None of the first 3 applies, Can't decide on No.4 since I'm not sure what "various sources of information" might entail.
  6. maybe 9+ year age difference, same sex couple? But the AOS interview went pretty smoothly, which is why I'm confused and of course stressed now.
  7. I understand, but it goes straight to interview without even issuing a RFE and a pending N-400?
  8. After waiting almost 15 months since I-751 was filed (jointly), I got a notice saying basically my case has been transferred to Lee's Summit, Missouri, an interview will be scheduled. I didn't even file N-400, didn't receive any RFE either. Has anyone here experienced this? Thanks
  9. I'm confused, was your case transferred to NBC in Lee Summit or NCS in Nebraska?
  10. Congrats! I got a notification yesterday too, except it was telling me my case was being transferred to another office. After almost 15 months, ughrrr.
  11. Thanks for sharing, would you care to share the supporting documents you submitted for the application?
  12. From my observation, the December Vermont center filers that have been approved are mostly the ones whose cases have been transferred to either their local offices or other service centers, Vermont center itself hasn't sped up much. Correct me if I'm wrong.