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  1. I hope so. but I just wish the ".....Your application has been recommended for approval..." box was checked. 😞
  2. Today I had the interview at 26 Federal Plaza in NYC, it's been really a long time coming because I filed I-751 in Dec. 2017. Anyway, the security at the main entrance was pretty strict with who gets to go in. Getting through the metal detectors and then off to the 7th Floor, it's probably the first time or last time anyone would ever see a waiting room this empty there. lol There were probably only 5-6 people waiting by the time we got called in by our officer. Officer was professional, did a little chit chat. Then she asked what documentations I brought. So I handed her our tax returns, bank statements, a variety of utility bills, lease renewal----all joint and about two years' worth, life insurance. Also showed her our original birth certificates and marriage certificate. She also asked for some pictures. She didn't ask a ton of marriage related questions, was more interested in my immigration related history starting from the first day I arrived here. Then she said she was done with my spouse, walked him out. Then came back to conduct the N-400, questions were easy, she stopped, I believe, at the 6th one probably because I got them all correct. Proceeded to ask me to read a sentence and write it down on an Ipad. In the end, she handed me a piece of paper on which "A decision cannot be made yet about your application" is checked and said to wait a month for a decision in the mail. Arghhh, more waiting:-( I don't know what I should expect from this point, more RFE? or some other hurdle?
  3. Thank you. When I call, should I insist on speaking to someone at tier 2 ?
  4. so the 18 month extension letter for my I-751 has expired. What do you do when you live in nyc . I know you have to call to schedule Infopass appointments now, but what's the point when Infopass appointment was never available online for the manhattan office location before. Has anyone here got the I-551 stamp in NYC? If so, please share how, Thank you.
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